Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Expresses Herself with New Clothing Line
Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Expresses Herself with New Clothing Line
After she dominated television, music and the movies, people expected more from Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus.  Of course, the 16-year-old sensation did not disappoint.  She recently teamed up with designer Max Azria of Hervé Léger, BCBG to create her own clothing line for her fans.

Cyrus landed a deal with Wal-Mart to produce fashions under the "Miley Cyrus & Max Azria label," which will be available to tweens at her fall tour.  Apparently, the Disney-bred star thought it would be a good move to follow Taylor Swift's line of sundresses and the Jonas Brothers' sweatervests.  Despite that, Miley is certainly hoping to have her own style infused into every design.

The "Miley Cyrus & Max Azria" line will feature everything from tops, pants and graphic tees, in addition to shoes and accessories.  What would most likely excite fans is the fact that they're all priced under $20.  They've also targeted its release for early August, when tweens will head back to school. Miley even has a tour ready to kick off a few weeks afterwards.

"We're really excited," exclaimed Patrick McGregor, a representative of the BCBG Max Azria Group.

As for the tween queen, she's just as thrilled.  "I love creating looks that are all about personal expression and individuality," the Hannah Montana star said.  "Collaborating with Max Azria has been an amazing experience, and I'm really excited about launching this line with Wal-Mart.  There's even more to come!"

There's no doubt that Miley Cyrus has her career all planned out, since she's been tapped for yet another season of her hit Disney show Hannah Montana.  Even though she's expressed her desire to leave the sitcom behind, there's just no stopping the fans from wanting to hear more of her story.

While a new installment of the series is in the works, Miley is keeping herself occupied with the clothing line and her upcoming tour.  It's been said that Wal-Mart will be sponsoring it, launching the tour this September in Portland, Oregon.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! News
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