Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Connects to Fans with "Miles to Go"
Hannah Montana: Miley Cyrus Connects to Fans with "Miles to Go"
It may not seem like it, but the 16-year-old Hannah Montana star has a lot of pain to share to the world.  While Miles to Go may sound like any other teenager's diary, that's exactly how Miley Cyrus wants it.  On a recent interview with MTV News, the pop sensation revealed how difficult it was to relive certain memories of hers, something she knows many of her fans can understand. 

“There's a lot about being bullied and a lot about breakups, and that's something that is really hard to write about and stuff that's easy to relate to,” Miley Cyrus admitted.  “And I wanted my fans to always be able to relate to me, so I think that was really important." 

Her popularity didn't help her in going through every agonizing experience, and she wants everyone to know what it's like.  There's also that particular feeling of ease when you know someone's out there to listen, which is one of the likely reasons she penned this memoir.

Despite the bullies and the unhappy ending of her relationship with Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus points out a single tragedy that will always stand out.  “Writing about] the loss of my granddad [was hard],” she admitted.  “That was something I hadn't talked about in a long time, and I was really happy. ... It was really good to just remember that.” 

Miley knows that it's never easy for anyone, but she hopes that Miles to Go will make people aware of that.  Even though she felt run down by recalling details of what she went through, she says it's for the best.

“I would say that it was hard, but it was also the best thing I ever did and the best thing I will ever do because I think it's a good thing that you get, like, a flashback and really remember all those moments,” Cyrus said.  “I think it's important not to grow up so much that you forget about your heart and what's important for your heart.” 

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: MTV News
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