Hannah Montana: Emily Osment Announces Official Twitter
Hannah Montana: Emily Osment Announces Official Twitter
Just like her friend and co-star Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana actress Emily Osment has finally signed up for a Twitter account.  The 17-year-old starlet who plays Lilly Truscott on the hit Disney show just announced that she decided to join the craze recently, over @EmilyOsment.

For her first Twitter, she typed: "well this is cool," and immediately comments from her friends flooded the page.  There are replies to her pal Miley, who she called a "Panini press girl" and was sitting beside her at the time.

To further connect with her audiences, Emily regularly posts entries on her MySpace blog.  Other than the announcement of her Twitter account, her latest update is about a new playlist she's created for her fans.  There are ten tracks, ranging from songs by Beck to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

"I think a playlist is more than a playlist.  It's an audible diary of the week," she wrote.  "If I ever had a legitimate "Dear Diary" it would be Moby Dick by day three.  I'm in love with words and I'll never restrain myself." 

First on her playlist is Eddie Vedder's "Hard Sun," further proving that this Hannah Montana star has great taste in music.  She mentions Modest Mouse's "Dashboard," and even R.E.M.'s "The Great Beyond."

Also, it looks like Osment doesn't share Miley's fury towards Radiohead.  She's listed the band's hit "There There (The Boney Kind of Nowhere')" as No. 6, despite her friend's feud with them earlier this year.  Osment wrote, "No explanation needed for why [the song is] on the playlist this week.  It's Radiohead.  Duh!"

Highlighting her choices this week are Tom Petty, Ben Kweller and The Kinks as well.  It's easy to see how singer-songwriter Emily Osment gets her inspiration from.  If you like any of the artists she's listed, watch out for her own debut album.  Since it won't be associated with Walt Disney Records at all, it's probably far from Miley's music and will be an indie-rock delight to listen to.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Emily Osment's Official MySpace
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