Hannah Montana: Details of Miley-Justin Breakup Revealed
Hannah Montana: Details of Miley-Justin Breakup Revealed
Even though it's over between Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus and underwear model Justin Gaston, the mystery of why they broke up remains to be a topic discussed by many.  One probable reason for the split is of course Nick Jonas.

Recently, there's even more proof to support that story.  An insider revealed to FOX News that Miley's inability to get over Nick got in the way of her relationship with Justin.  The two Disney stars have always been friends, and it looks like that wasn't enough for them.

Since working on a photo shoot together just a few weeks ago, Nick and Miley have been spending practically every waking moment side by side.  The insider said that that was where their reunion kicked off.

"Miley explained to current beau Justin Gaston after the shoot that she was never truly over Nick and that all her feelings were coming back for him," the source revealed.

This led to Justin backing away from Miley, who returned to Nick "almost immediately."  The two 16-year-olds seemed to rejoice in their rekindled flame, and it's not just because of personal reasons.  Their careers are also involved and the Jonas family couldn't be happier.

"One day Miley was with Justin, the next she was with Nick again!" the insider went on.  "His family is thrilled with the reunion.  Nick's mom always loved Miley and in light of their Disney show, J.O.N.A.S. taking in the ratings lately, the entire Jonas camp is excited.  There's a hope that their renewed romance will benefit everyone."

Unfortunately for the Hannah Montana pop sensation, her father isn't too ecstatic.  Billy Ray was the one who introduced his daughter to Justin Gaston, who he really approves of.

The source claimed that Billy Ray "was a big friend to Justin and the two had spent a lot of time bonding together."  Now though, it seems he'll have to make room in his schedule for a constant invasion of JoBros concerts.

With Miley and Nick being "on cloud nine," there's no doubt we'll hardly hear about Justin Gaston anymore.  The Disney duo totally wrapped each other in one another's world.

"They still manage to speak daily and send texts and Tweets all day long to each other," the source went on.  "After Nick gets done performing they usually video chat online late into the night.  Every night!  It seems to work for them and both are happier than normal.  They are very sweet together."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: FOX News
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