Hannah Montana: Brooke Shields Gives Miley Cyrus College Advice
Hannah Montana: Brooke Shields Gives Miley Cyrus College Advice
Playing mother and daughter on a hit television show has only strengthened the bond between actress Brooke Shields and Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus.  The 17-year-old musician not only looks up to the veteran, but also considers her as a guidance counselor of sorts.

Recently, Brooke Shields told the young actress that she'd like it if Miley went to college.  The 44-year-old model graduated from Princeton University in 1987, earning a degree in French Literature.  There were several reports that the home-schooled Cyrus was planning to skip college and just focus on her career, which didn't bode well with her on-screen mom.

According to a report from Limelife, the celebrity magazine Star talked to a source close to both parties about the issue.  The insider revealed, "Brooke's been pushing Miley to go to college.  She says she needs something to fall back on."

The advice certainly makes sense, and Brooke's influence on Miley may actually have a positive effect on the girl.  The source went on to say that the Hannah Montana star is hoping to apply to college this year, but hasn't made her final decision.

"She'd love to be an Ivy Leaguer like Brooke," said the insider.

But with the schedule she has these days, it's difficult to see Miley Cyrus living out Brooke Shields' suggestion.  The pop princess did admit that she'd like to head to London to study photography.  However, it's going to be tough to manage.

First of all, Miley's busy working on two films, in addition to the final installment of Disney's Hannah Montana series.  She's also working on her music, we bet, and is occupied with her current boyfriend Liam Hemsworth.  That's not to mention all the appearances she has to accomplish.

While it looks like college would do Miley some good, it's doubtful she'll need it to further her career.  She's already accomplished so much at 17 and is acting full time.  Will she even have time to enroll in a university?

Source: Limelife.com
(Image Courtesy of Disney Channel)