Hannah Montana: A Strep Throat-Free Miley Resumes World Tour
Hannah Montana: A Strep Throat-Free Miley Resumes World Tour
Who missed Miley Cyrus?  Someone else, maybe.  Her very eager fans have been clamoring for more of her ever since she walked out in the middle of a performance for her "Wonder World" tour.  The Hannah Montana starlet didn't feel well, stressed out by her duties as a pop star. But lucky for her viewers, things seem sound now.

Earlier this month, Miley warned her fans on Twitter about how her throat was bothering her.  "Woke up with a sore throat.  Why am I always sick?" she wrote.  "Think I'm gonna take one more nap before the big show here in [Salt Lake City]."

Digital Spy reports that later that day, Cyrus had to leave the stage while belting out her hit single "7 Things."  A stage manager informed the audience that the Disney princess was receiving medical treatment, allowing her to return minutes later to complete the show.

But apparently, the pain didn't end that quickly.  "My throat is yelling at me to shut up!  Strep is the worst thing ever," she Twittered again.  This caused her to pull out of several shows throughout the tour, and further seek medical help.  I guess there's a big price to pay for being on stage constantly.

Miley's burn-out lasted for about a week, but it looks like the doctors have done their job.  She was allowed to resume her tour at last, kicking off a performance in Michigan tomorrow as planned.

"Got the go ahead from the Doc & the beast is ready to be unleashed!" Cyrus posted.  "I always love performing in MI but this show is gonna get crazzzzyyy!"

Well, hopefully there won't be a repeat performance of that sore throat of hers.  Those Miley fans can be wild, and this 16-year-old pop princess needs to relax before a big day.  "Sore throat ughh!  Resting up for a killer show tomorrow!  I LOVE MICHIGAN!  I love when it actually feels like the right season."

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Digital Spy, Miley Cyrus' Twitter
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