Hannah Montana: A Single Miley is a Sad Miley?
Hannah Montana: A Single Miley is a Sad Miley?
There's so much going on for Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, and not just in her career.  Her personal life is also in chaos, as evidenced by her recent posts on Twitter.  Apparently, she proclaimed her single status and indirectly rebuffed the stories of her getting back together with Nick Jonas.

E! Online reports that the tween queen is currently on a see-saw when it comes to her relationships.  Her mood's up about being single, but heads right back down when she's missing a certain somebody.  Most of her updates are about listening to songs that tear at the heartstrings, which would explain the emotional teeters.

"I am lovinggg being single :)" Cyrus posted.  "life is so carefree!!!  Spending the day enjoying Sonic, Music, @mommytish, and the beautiful sun in Savannah"

This puts a damper to the numerous stories regarding her rekindled romance with Nick Jonas.  Many insiders have already confirmed that the two are back together, but it sounds as though Miley's not ready to confirm that news.

Still, there's hope for Niley shippers.  The 16-year-old star followed up her Twitter post with a more melancholy statement.  "Why do I listen to songs that make me cry?  Even better question, why do I listen to songs that make me miss you?"

We can always assume she's talking about Nick Jonas, unless of course she realized Justin Gaston was the one she was really after.  However, it sounds like she's hoping for someone else entirely.  Will these teenage hormones of hers ever shut up?

"Dear GOD, I would like a boy that is like John Mayer/ James Morrison/ Elvis/ Rob Thomas all in one.  YOU'RE THE BEST!  Love always, Miley."

Her final Tweet is a blatant contradiction of her earlier glee at being single.  The Hannah Montana starlet said, "Woke up at 4 a.m. for no other reason than I miss you...my heart is hurting today."  With the numerous Miley messages of mystery rampant on the web, there's no doubt her fans are wondering what exactly she's up to.  Unless she comes right out and tells the truth, perhaps none of us will ever find out.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Miley Cyrus' Twitter, E! Online
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