Emily Osment Goes "All the Way Up" for More 'Hannah Montana'
Emily Osment Goes "All the Way Up" for More 'Hannah Montana'
With her acting career now grounded on the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, Emily Osment then embarked on her music.  Even though it looks like she's going pretty far with her singing and style, she can't help but feel the need for more appearances on the show that catapulted her to fame.

Having recently debuted her first music video, "All the Way Up," Emily Osment is likely headed for a rockstar life.  She worked on the video with the band Push Play and it was such a success that she can't wait for more.

"The video was so fun, Push Play plays my band.  We're buddies," she said in an interview as noted by Ace Showbiz.  "It was really fun; we shot it in a mock apartment where you could see what's going on in every room.  I'm playing music upstairs and you can see how it's affecting all the rooms below."

You can catch a glimpse of her music video, "All the Way Up," if you scroll downwards.  The song already premiered on Radio Disney earlier this month, and will appear on Emily Osment's forthcoming album.  It doesn't have a title as of now, but fans will be lining up for it when it's launched on March 2010.

So there's the music video, but Emily's still makes a better Lily Truscott and she's not giving that up.  The actress admitted to The Celebrity Café how much she enjoys filming Hannah Montana, and that she hopes it will continue for the fans' sake.

The 17-year-old Osment exclaimed that she wanted to do a fifth season of the show, despite the news that the fourth will be the end for the Disney Channel series.

"I don't think anyone wants to see Hannah Montana ever end, so I think we need to do that," she said.  "We need to do something like 'Hannah Montana Goes to London' or 'Hannah Montana on Ice!'"

While we can imagine the cast of Hannah Montana decked in tights and skates on a rink, we don't think that'd be possible.  It'd be a riot to watch their antics on ice though.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Ace Showbiz, The Celebrity Cafe
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