Bobby Coleman Joins 'Hannah Montana' Star in 'The Last Song'
Bobby Coleman Joins 'Hannah Montana' Star in 'The Last Song'
One of the best ways to make it big in the showbiz industry is to ride the coattails of someone famous.  That is, if you have very little talent.  In this case though, it doesn't seem like either.  Child actor Bobby Coleman will be getting another taste of the spotlight while working with Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus in her upcoming movie, The Last Song.

Filming for the Nicholas Sparks-penned flick has already begun, with 12-year-old Bobby Coleman in the role of Jonah.  There aren't any further details regarding the nature of the part, but it looks like this aspiring actor will do his best.  He's already worked alongside John Cusack on Martian Child; he can surely handle being around Miley.

The Last Song centers on the relationship between father and daughter, played by Greg Kinnear and the Hannah Montana star respectively.  The two of them are forced to spend time with one another in a small Southern beach town, trying to reconnect despite their troubled past.  The only way they can do that is through (what else?) music.

Moving on to Bobby Coleman, it's possible that he'll be playing someone's little brother or something.  Still, if you want to see more of him, catch the trailer for Martian Child below.

Seeing the drama he was able to produce in that, it's no doubt he'll fit right in with Miley on The Last Song.  Joining them in the cast are Kelly Preston, Liam Hensworth, Carly Chaikin and Adam Barnett.

Bobby Coleman began his career with television commercials, before he moved on to bigger projects.  He's been seen on several series, such as Dragnet, Medium, and Knight Rider.  Some of his big screen endeavors include Must Love Dogs and Friends with Money, which led him to prime roles in The Good Mother and Take.  In 2007, he was tapped for the title character in Martian Child and later appeared in the pilot for Family Man and an episode of In Plain Sight.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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