Billy Ray Cyrus Talks 'Hannah Montana' End and Future Projects
Billy Ray Cyrus Talks 'Hannah Montana' End and Future Projects
As his daughter Miley Cyrus tries out more mature endeavors in her career, actor and musician Billy Ray Cyrus is okay with letting go.  He knows that the 17-year-old pop sensation will be busy with her projects, so instead he's focusing on his own.

Still, one thing that keeps them together is the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana.  Now that it's coming to an end, what exactly will these stars get involved with?  There will be other shows and movies though, but the fans will certainly remember them most for this one.

Too bad for them, because Billy Ray Cyrus has confirmed that Hannah Montana really is on its last legs.  "The future is we are doing 11 more episodes," the 48-year-old star revealed to Inside TV.  "Disney will have new episodes to air all the way through 2011."

A spokesperson from Disney recently announced that the cast is filming the final episodes of Hannah Montana, and after which will wrap up production for the show.  Right now, the network is still airing season 3.  Following that would be the installment leading to the series' end.

Despite the arrival of the series' final season, Billy Ray Cyrus has no trouble dealing with endings.  He already took the opportunity to work on new material, which will certainly further him in his career.

During the premiere of his new flick The Spy Next Door, Billy Ray said, "Starting the year with [co-stars George] Lopez and Jackie Chan is a good way to do it."

He added, "I laughed so much making this movie.  I just stood around.  I knew my lines and got to play this character Colton James, and become something very different for me, this particular role."

When that's over and done with though, Billy Ray Cyrus has things covered.  "I have two more film projects after I finish 'Hannah,' and I am just excited about 2010," he announced.  Can't say we're really looking forward to it, but it still might be a commendable career move for the star.

Source: Inside TV
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