Videos: NBC's New Fall Shows Catch Olympic Fever
Videos: NBC's New Fall Shows Catch Olympic Fever
Have you been stuck on your couch, glued to the TV watching Lochte win (wait, not Phelps?) at the 2012 London Olympics? In the spirit of the celebrated sports event, NBC has released Olympic-themed teasers for several of its shows premiering this coming fall.

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Ever heard of an Eastern European man-woman? Sounds weird, right? Well, it could be The New Normal:

The Olympics are all about hope! And so is NBC's new sci-fi series, Revolution. Find out if hope will indeed light the way when North America suffers from life without technology when it premieres on September 17:

Can you imagine seeing a monkey compete in Olympic gymnastics? Animal Practice has it!

This monkey isn't the only star of the show. watch Olympic diving with a penguin. Impressive...but can they dance like a human?

What do Olympic sprinters and guys with kids have in common? They do relays! Will Guys with Kids succeed at 3x100 baby bottle relay?

If you regard Olympians as heroes, what more would you feel for firefighters and paramedics who save lives at their own risk? Get inspired with the firefighting action on Chicago Fire.

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Xylem Thomson 
Contributing Writer 

(Image and video courtesy of NBC)