'Guiding Light' Spoilers
'Guiding Light' Spoilers
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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On the previous episode of Guiding Light, Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) caught Harley (Beth Ehlers) eavesdropping on Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) and Marina (Mandy Bruno).  Cyrus and Harley proclaimed to each other that their relationship is more than just sex, and Cyrus confessed to Marina that he's been dishonest to her.  Harley told Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) to take care of Marina.

Reva (Kim Zimmer) was still distraught over Jonathan's (Tom Pelphrey) departure and told Cassie (Nicole Forester) that her son skipped town again.  Cassie was less than supportive with her response.  During a baseball game, Josh (Robert Newman) stopped Will (Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) from hitting RJ with the bat and sent the troublemaking boy to his room.  Will, however, climbed out of his window and tampered with some of the house's pipes.  His tampering caused an odorless gas leak, and Josh and Reva passed on the sofa.  When Cassie walked in, she was stunned to see the unconscious Reva and Josh lying in each other's arms.

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Cassie is enraged to see Reva and Josh together and accuses the two of having an affair. Josh, however, recalls that he and Reva fell ill right before they lost consciousness, and Will admits that he had been tampering with the gas valve.  Cassie leaves again with Will in tow, leaving Josh, Reva and Mallet (Robert Bogue) to go searching for them.  Cassie approaches Cyrus for help, but ultimately decides to send Will back to Mexico.

Meanwhile, Cyrus finally comes clean to Marina and says that he's in love with Harley.  Marina calls her aunt a “whore” and plots her revenge.  She calls Cyrus' ex girlfriend, Phoebe, who shows up and blackmails Cyrus for $100,000.  In order to help Cyrus, Harley puts takes the mortgage out on her house.

Elsewhere, Billy (Jordan Clarke) talks to Bill (Daniel Cosgrove) about Lizzie's (Marcy Rylan) choices.  Lizzie's deal with Alan (Ron Raines) forces her to give up her independence.  Bill ends up making love with Ava (Michelle Ray Smith), and later steals a bulldozer and goes to jail.  Lizzie, on the other hand, has a date with a mystery man.

Putting all her cards on the table, Olivia (Crystal Chappell) kisses Gus. Natalia (Jessica Leccia), however, decides she wants Gus back.  Olivia causes Ava distress when she goes drinking and flirts with two strangers.  Dinah (Gina Tognoni) finds out that Olivia is dying.  Mallet offers to help Dinah, but she refuses his help.  Mallet then gets an offer to work as the police chief of another town.

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Billy has a job offer for Jonathan, but lays out some conditions.  After the job interview, Jonathan goes to fetch Sarah, but finds out that she is with Lizzie.  Bill asks Reva to convince Jonathan into letting Lizzie take part in her daughter's life, but Reva's unwavering loyalty to Jonathan prevails.  However, she tries talking to Jonathan but Sarah's upbringing, but he remains stubborn and intent on carrying out his own parenting strategies.

Hoping to get Jonathan to remain in Springfield, Lizzie asks to meet with him at Old Mill, where she tries to seduce him.  Jonathan catches on to her and leaves, later hiring Cyrus to dig up some dirt on Lizzie so he can keep Sarah.  Cyrus is unable to find anything, so Jonathan resorts to plan B: framing Lizzie for drug possession.  Lizzie, meanwhile, tells Alan that she will return to the Spaulding mansion if he promises not to go after Jonathan and Sarah.  Lizzie manages to slip out of the Beacon while Bill is taking a shower, and she ends up telling Jonathan to leave town and keep Sarah safe.  They meet at Tammy's grave and share an emotional farewell. Jonathan leaves Springfield without saying goodbye to Reva.

Meanwhile, Reva and Jeffrey execute new plan that's supposed to help Will.  Jeffrey informs Reva that the charges against Will have been dropped. The troubled child goes to live with Jeffrey and Reva, but when he tinkers with the house's gas pipes, he causes odorless gas to leak. Josh and Reva get dizzy from the gas, and they lose consciousness on the bed.  Cassie, who is desperately looking for Will, walks in on Josh and Reva lying in each other's arms.

Elsewhere, Rick (Michael O'Leary) finds out that Philip bailed him out of jail.  When Rick gets out, Beth (Beth Chamberlin) gives Rick a kiss and tells him that she's staying with him.  She also helps Rick exact his revenge.

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