Guiding Light: Cosgrove Talks About Bill's Return to Springfield
Guiding Light: Cosgrove Talks About Bill's Return to Springfield
As promised by Guiding Light execs, Bill Lewis came back to Springfield a changed man.  He has been stirring up trouble ever since he returned last month, and Daniel Cosgrove, the actor behind the troubled character, isn't too happy with what's happening.

“He's getting into a lot of trouble and really acting like a jerk,” Cosgrove said.  “I kind of have a problem with that.”

The 36-year-old actor also said that the new Bill is a departure from what he usually plays on screen.

“I'm usually the dependable guy.  The nice guy,” he said.  “This show has a lot of strong women on it. The good thing about strong women is that they need strong men.  Bill's angry.  He's acting like a jerk because he's really hurt and confused.  He's hit a point in his life where he needs to prove who he is and what he can do.”

Bill has been through a lot since he first left Springfield in 2005, Cosgrove said.  Nursing a broken heart from his divorce with Olivia (Crystal Chappell), he went to Venezuela to run the local branch of the family's construction company.  There, he “got in over his head with some wheeling and dealing that maybe wasn't the best,” causing problems for himself in the process.

“Bill feels like he has something to prove and, in addition, he's a little angry,” Daniel Cosgrove said.
It's clear that Cosgrove's Bill kept busy while he was away, but the actor himself signed himself up for some noteworthy projects before he returned to the Guiding Light set.  He portrayed Jon Lemonick in the short-lived ABC series, In Justice, and began appearing on the new drama, Dirty Sexy Money, in September.

Cosgrove also spent more time with his wife and three children, the youngest of whom was born the day after he left the daytime drama.  Now that he has returned, however, he's back to balancing work with his family.

“When I'm… on set, I like to have fun and I am a goofball.  This is my outlet to socialize, but when I am home, I don't want to be anywhere else,” he said.  “That's another great thing about coming back; it provides a nice balance of work and family.

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-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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