'Guiding Light' Actress Loves Goldin, Hates Gus
'Guiding Light' Actress Loves Goldin, Hates Gus
Daytime actress Beth Ehlers, who plays Harley Cooper on Guiding Light enjoys working with costar Ricky Paull Goldin, but she's not exactly fond of his character, Gus Aitoro, who proposed to another woman shortly after he divorced Harley.

“There are a few scenes written where Harley is sweet to Gus.  I understand that, but no freaking way am I playing that. I hate him. He's an a------,” Ehlers told Soap Opera Weekly.

The 39-year-old actress also believes it would be better for her character to refrain from interacting with Gus during his engagement period.

“Harley has so much going on in her life right now.  After she almost died, she felt like she needed to change the direction of her life and do something that she felt mattered again,” Beth Ehlers explained.  “That's why she started up the [detective] agency.  Going back to the police force was too intense, since Gus was there.  She needs to get away from him and she doesn't need to see him every day, so [she can] have some space, some freedom and some control.”

That said, Guiding Light fans should not expect the former lovebirds to have a big reconciliation anytime soon.  Ehlers added that her character will even be playing the blame game with Gus as her target.

“When everything starts to really fall apart for her, [she's going to] direct everything toward him.  ‘If you hadn't left me for another woman, none of this would have happened.'  Or 'I'd never have been in that building [when it was demolished],” Beth Ehlers said.

Since the divorce, Ehler's Harley has found some much needed support and comfort in Cyrus (Murray Bartlett), who also happens to be romantically involved with her niece, Marina (Mandy Bruno).  The love triangle is causing a lot of tension between the three characters, which, fortunately, does not translate off-screen.

“I never get to work with Mandy enough, so that's been wonderful.  I know she's my niece [on the show], but I really look at her like a daughter,” Ehlers said.  “It's been nice working with Murray.  His energy is very Buddhist, but I don't think he attaches himself to any religion.  He loves to travel, and he's a worldly guy, so it's nice.”

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-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Soap Opera Weekly
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