'Guiding Light' Star Discusses his Character's Dramatic Turn-Around
'Guiding Light' Star Discusses his Character's Dramatic Turn-Around
Bill Lewis (Daniel Cosgrove) is easily the “bad boy” in CBS' Guiding Light, but it seems another Springfield resident is well on his way to assuming the role.  Lately, “all-American guy” Coop Bradshaw, played by John Driscoll, has been acting out of character, having recently caused an explosion that rendered Bill unable to see.

“Up until recently [Guiding Light] has kept Coop as the all-American guy,” Driscoll told Soap Opera Weekly.  “He'll do the right thing and say whatever he should say.  Now, we'll see that he is a guy who's going to make mistakes.”

The changes in his character don't intimidate Driscoll.  In fact, the 26-year-old actor says has been having a good time portraying the darker side of Coop.

“It's been great. It's always nice to see different colors and different sides to characters,” he explained.  “It creates a better, more vivid picture of that character, one that can be memorable to a lot of different people.”

He's also not too worried about how fans may react to the new Coop.

“Fans usually love bad boys,” John Driscoll said.  “Like with Tom Pelphrey's character Jonathan — they loved the bad boy, but at the same time, when the baby [Sarah] came, they loved that soft side, too.  And his love for Tammy.”

However, only time will tell how Coop's newfound penchant for trouble will affect his relationship with Ashlee, played by Caitlin Van Zandt.

“At this point, Coop just doesn't want to lose her,” Driscoll explained. “He already lost her to juvenile hall once, and losing her [again] would be a lot for him to have to take.”

Guiding Light
fans have responded well to Coop and Ashlee's romance, and John Driscoll is grateful for the way “everyone is really rooting for” the couple.

“I can't tell you how many people I talk to say, ‘This story really means a lot to us. It's a story that we want to see and one that needs to be told,” Driscoll told Soap Opera Weekly.  “I don't think Caitlin and I had one doubt in our minds that this was not going to be an extremely important story.  We're both [still] very gung-ho and very excited about it.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Soap Opera Weekly
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Source: Soap Opera Weekly