[Video] 'Grimm' Sneak Peek: 3 Reasons Christmas is Scarier in Portland
[Video] 'Grimm' Sneak Peek: 3 Reasons Christmas is Scarier in Portland
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Grimm has decided to go into the holiday season with a bang. Tonight's two-hour midseason finale sees Nick and the gang battling monsters in the sewer and a Wesen version of Santa Claus that is sure to have fans hiding under their covers until Near Year's Eve. 

BuddyTV was able to screen both episodes and we've got 3 reasons why Christmas is definitely scarier in Portland.

There Really Are Monsters in the Sewer

In the first hour of the two-part finale, called "Cold Blooded," Nick and Hank track down Wesen that live in the sewers. While it's fun to see Nick gear up in a hard hat and yellow vest, and Wu follow him down there with a lot of trepidation, the results are still pretty scary. Though the hunt does give Nick the chance to try out a new weapon from his arsenal, which is scary, but also very cool. 

Santa Claus Has Horns

Take everything you know about Santa being a fat, jolly old elf and toss it out the window as you sit down to watch the second hour of the finale, called "Twelve Days of Krampus." In Grimm's Portland, naughty little children don't just get a lump of coal, they also get taken away in Santa's sack. Why is Santa taking the kids away? It's a lot scarier if you don't know so you'll just have to watch the episode to see. 

Christmas Brings Bad Memories

Unfortunately for one member of the group, Christmas isn't a time of laughter and joy. While everyone else is enjoying the holiday season and really getting into decorating, this person would just as soon forget Christmas even exists. Will they be able to find happiness in the holidays again? Well, it is a Christmas episode after all. 

David Giuntoli: "We Ruin Christmas for Everybody"

Earlier this week, BuddyTV took part in a press call with star David Giuntoli and here's what he had to say about Grimm's foray into Christmas and the legend of Krampus:

"There's an actual legend of Krampus out there, and we've had German people asking us to do Krampus over and over again, and we finally tipped our hat to the fine people of Bavaria and we're bringing this legend to life. We ruin Christmas for everybody and it's gory and it's wonderful," Giuntoli revealed. 

Check out a chilling sneak peek from "Twelve Days of Krampus" below. 

So put on your pajamas, pour yourself a mug of hot chocolate and get cozy as you sit down to watch the Grimm two-hour mid season finale. Oh, and you might want to grab an extra blanket to hide under during the really scary parts. 

Grimm airs on Friday nights at 8pm on NBC. 

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