TV Report Card: How Does 'Grimm' Season 2 Measure Up So Far?
TV Report Card: How Does 'Grimm' Season 2 Measure Up So Far?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Grimm Season 2 is off to an odd start, thanks to NBC benching the series for a few weeks. But the good news is that the series will start up again next week. 

In honor of the Grimm's triumphant return, I decided to take a look at where we are so far this season and gave each of the main characters a grade based on how I think they've evolved and what I think they add to the show. 

Nick: B+

In the beginning, I felt like Nick relied on Monroe too much. I know that he was thrust into this world without a lot of info, but every time something happened it seemed like he would go running to Monroe to figure it out. I started to feel like we should just get rid of Nick and make this a show about Monroe. But now I feel like Nick has finally started to come into his own and judging by the amount of people (and Wesen) who want to kill him, he's obviously doing something right. With a job like his, the more people want to destroy you, the better job you must be doing. 


Monroe was cool in season 1 and if anything, he's even better in season 2. I love getting a taste of his romantic side and protective side, now that he's got Rosalee. I know he's trying so hard to be peaceful and as a viewer I want that for him, but it doesn't mean I don't occasionally want to see him turn all beasty as well. The best part about Monroe is that he is willing to do anything to help his friends. Whatever Nick or Rosalee, or anyone else he cares about, needs from him, he'll do it no matter what the cost. If that's not the definition of a best friend, I don't know what is. 

Hank: A-

Letting Hank in on the secret this season was the perfect next step for his character. As I wrote in my previous article about their relationship, I feel like he and Nick are going to become even closer as partners now, and I'm happy about that. Hank is a guy that Nick needs by his side and Hank thinking that he was going nuts was not exactly helping him be a good cop. Now they can go against the Wesen as a united front and work together to defeat the evil that comes their way. 

Renard: A+ 

Renard turning out to be a bastard Wesen was beyond awesome. I knew in the first season that there was something he was hiding, but I never really thought that he could be a Wesen himself. This adds so much more to his character. That big reveal actually brought him right up the ranks to be my favorite character on the series at the moment. He's got layers to him that we didn't see before and I am enjoying finding out more about him. Plus, he looks good shirtless (oh come on, you know you were thinking it, too). 


I have to admit that I never felt much for her character in the first season, but she has become just a wee bit more interesting now that she's lost her memory. Nick was ready to tell her all about his last season secret and frankly I'm glad that that didn't happen, and that he revealed it to Hank instead. I honestly don't see how Juliette adds that much to the story other than a source of worry for Nick and her being in on the whole Grimm thing would have only made that worse. At least now she provides a little bit of interest as she slowly tries to remember Nick and, in the process, comes closer to finding out what he's hiding. 

Rosalee: B-

I used to feel like she show wouldn't suffer that much if Rosalee weren't on it, but since she brings out a side of Monroe that I like, I'm giving her more than an average grade now. After all, she has been extremely helpful on occasion and is a good cohort for Monroe. Whenever he's asked to help out Nick, she's usually goes along for the ride. Plus, she and Monroe are ridiculously adorable when they're being all romantic together. 

Just one more week until Grimm returns again. How do you feel the show is doing so far this season?

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