'Grimm' Season 2 Spoilers: Wild Sex Scenes Plus Renard and Juliette News
'Grimm' Season 2 Spoilers: Wild Sex Scenes Plus Renard and Juliette News
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Grimm season 2 has been moving along nicely, thanks to a lot of fun new elements being added to Nick's story. First, he let Hank in on his little secret, then his wife woke up from a coma and didn't recognize him, and now he has no idea that she's hot for his captain. 

Things have certainly gotten interesting for Nick this season, but something tells me that his life is about to get even more complicated. How can they not when your wife doesn't know who you are and wants to sleep with your boss?

Bitsie Tulloch (Juliete) tells TV Guide about the effects that Renard's potion-enhanced kiss had on both Juliette and Renard. "They're both becoming obsessed with one another but they don't know why," she says. "They've met at a couple work functions, but otherwise she's had zero interaction with him. All of a sudden, she can't stop thinking about him. It's driving her crazy."

The obsession has grown at different speeds for Juliette and Renard. While she's pretty much kept to staring at Renard longingly and maybe picturing his face when kissing Nick, his obsession has gone quite a bit farther. In an episode a couple weeks ago, Renard went so far as to follow Juliette into her house and watched her taking a shower. If that doesn't scream "stalker" I don't know what does. 

However things are about to escalate much faster, on both sides, "The Captain Renard story line and the obsession we both develop for each other throws a huge wrench into the equation a couple episodes down the road," she says. "She starts to talk about it, and ...  you have certainly not seen the last of those two together."

I know the one question everyone has got to be asking themselves at this point is: are they going to do it or not?? Tulloch won't say for sure, but she has confirmed that Juliette will end up in bed with somebody. 

Tulloch says, "You are going to see some mad bedroom skills in an episode coming up that is so intense and amazing that we had to rehearse it forever. I can't say who the other person is, but we both decided we didn't want to do it with the stunt doubles, but we had a stunt coordinator. It's basically a sex scene that is so cool and crazy that the stunt coordinator had to be there."

Whoa, a sex scene involving the stunt coordinator? Now that is something I need to see. So what do you think of these new Grimm spoilers? Do you want Juliette and Renard to end up sleeping together or do you think her place is with Nick?

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