Grimm' Season 2 'Over My Dead Body' Preview Clips: Monroe is One Busy Blutbad
Grimm' Season 2 'Over My Dead Body' Preview Clips: Monroe is One Busy Blutbad
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Grimm season 2 continues this Friday with an episode called 'Over My Dead Body' and from what we can see in the preview clips below, it looks like Monroe is going to have his hands full in this one. 

"This is where it gets a little awkward."

In the first clip, we see that Monroe has obviously called Nick over and told him that there's a bit of an emergency; namely the fact that someone wants to kill him. Now you would think that would be awkward enough but Monroe seems more than a little reluctant to admit all the details of his death threat. Though he also seems a bit impressed as well at the fact that the price on his head is $25,000. 

Things get extremely awkward when Angelina shows up, which begs the question: is it she who is out to kill Monroe?

"Remember, this is just me."

In the second clip, Hank and Monroe are sitting down with a few stiff drinks and having a bit of a heart-to-heart. Monroe is trying to explain what makes Nick different from regular humans and how his abilities as a Grimm are dangerous for Wesen. Not content to do it all verbally, Monroe decides to give Hank some visual aides to help with the learning process. 

First he transforms himself, but only enough so that a Grimm would see him. Hank of course only sees his buddy still sitting in front of him so Monroe take things to the next level. Giving the extra umph that it takes to be seen by humans, Monroe shows himself to Hank in all his Blutbad glory. 

"Can you do it again?"

Hank's response made me love him more than I already do. Sure, he jumps out of his chair at the sight of a full-blooded Blutbad growling at him, but when he recovers he seems more excited and fascinated that anything else. Watching these two bond is great and I hope we get to see more of that as the season progresses. 

What do you think of Angelina coming back and Monroe and Hank bonding? Have these clips got you more excited to watch this Friday's episode of Grimm?

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