'Grimm' Review: Someone Gives Their Final Sacrifice
'Grimm' Review: Someone Gives Their Final Sacrifice
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In this week's episode of Grimm, called "Over My Dead Body," Monroe is in danger when he finds out that someone is out to kill him, oh and that his old girlfriend is back in town. 

Thanks for the memories

In what I thought was a very sweet scene near the beginning of the episode, Juliette finds a recipe marked "Nick's favorite" and decides to cook it for him. I liked how hard she was trying to make things work and to recover her memories of him. Even when she asked the tough questions, like why she didn't accept his proposal, Nick handled them all very well. It was nice to see them beginning to grow close together again. 

An old fame back in town

Angelina is a magnet for trouble and this time she gets herself into quite the mess. After a scumbag Wesen tries to attack her outside a bar, she kills the guy and ends up having to do the job he was supposed to do. Not such a big deal, right? Well it is when the job turns out to be killing Monroe. Talk about awkward. 

Bonding over drinks

In one of my favorite scenes of the episode, Hank is tasked with guarding Monroe while Nick and Angelina see if they figure out who's trying to kill him. Hank uses the time to get to know his friendly, neighborhood Blutbad and sees a demonstration of what Monroe can do. I loved that even though it obviously scared the bejeezus out of him, Hank immediately asked Monroe to do it again. It was an awesome moment. 

Renard's visitor

A mysterious woman from Renard's past comes to Portland on equally mysterious business and while Renard never quite figures out what Mia's doing there, we do. Turns out Mia was the one who put the hit on Monroe in an effort to prove to other Wesen that making friends with a Grimm is dangerous. It's not bad enough that the Royals are after Nick, but now they're after his friends, too? I have to wonder, if Renard finds out, what will he do? We've already seen the lengths he will go to in order to protect Nick, but would that extend to Nick's friends?

A final sacrifice

The episode's most touching moments came in the end when Angelina proved that though they argued and bickered, she still cared for Monroe. When she sees that his life is in danger while he's in the Death Faint, she risks everything to bring him back and then takes a bullet to save him one final time. Monroe also proves that he cares for her too when he rips apart the one who shot her and then buries her in the way of a Blutbad, mourning her death with a howl that I'm not afraid to admit brought a few tears to my eyes. 

A few of my favorite bits:

Monroe talking about his clocks like they were children. 

Juliette telling Nick that she remembered talking to a cop she thought was very good looking and hoping that was him. 

Angelina picking the worst possible moment to burst in Monroe's house.

Angelina pretending to be Nick's partner and showing off how much she knew about a crime that she committed. 

Hank jumping about six feet in the air when Monroe changed in front of his eyes. 

Monroe's quiet "hopefully not for the last time" before laying down and losing consciousness under the Death Faint. 

Angelina sacrificing herself for Monroe. 

Monroe giving Angelina a Blutbaden funeral and howling his goodbye. 

What did you think of this episode of Grimm? Were you sad to see Angelina die? What do you think of Juliette's efforts to remember Nick?

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