'Grimm' Recap: Wu Comes Close to Finding Out About the Grimm Life
'Grimm' Recap: Wu Comes Close to Finding Out About the Grimm Life
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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If you were waiting for the sarcastic Sgt. Wu to join Nick's gang, he comes close to it in the Wu-centered Grimm episode "Mommy Dearest" -- sort of.
He's reminded of an old folklore from his homeland of the Philippines, one called the Aswang, which preys on pregnant women.

Pregnant and in Trouble

It was inevitable that Wu was going to find out about the Grimm world in Portland. Especially with Hank already knowing. The possibility is ramped up when a sleeping pregnant woman is attacked by the ugliest, scariest-looking creature that climbs up the tree and unleashes something from its body that goes into her belly button, doing whatever gross thing it's doing.

The pregnant woman happens to be an old friend of Wu's. In fact, he knows the couple, and  had told the couple to move to Portland from the Philippines because it was safe. Oops.

A neighbor who became witness to the screams coming from the victim's house is able to tell the detectives that she saw a shadow and heard a ticking sound. From the doctors, we find out her fluids were sucked out of her -- but that she also had sedatives in her system, something the woman had never taken.

To Tell or Not to Tell

It doesn't take long for Nick and Hank to realize what they're dealing with, and their suspicions are confirmed by Rosealee and Monroe. They go back and forth on whether to tell Wu what he's up against. But the agreement is not to, which already feels like it's foreshadowing that he indeed will find out.

While Nick and Hank know they have to find the monster thing, they have no leads on where to look. Wu has the suspicion that the husband is in on it, and tells Nick and Hank about the Filipino fairy tale -- and that it's being recreated. He doesn't actually believe the myth is real. Why should he?

Death or ... Death

After considering the husband's innocence, it's confirmed he's not, at least not fully. It's his mother, the Aswang, that's been feeding on her own son's wife. Why? Because she must have her son's first-born ... or else she dies.

That's quite a tough decision -- your wife and baby or your mother? The husband goes with his wife and unborn and shoos his mother off back overseas.

However, she doesn't leave that easily and actually goes to visit the couple in their home. Little does she know that Wu is stationed right outside the home so he could keep an eye on them. Wu doesn't actually see it, but only sees the mother disappearing behind a tree and then all of a sudden a shadow moves up a tree.

Mind Games

Wu busts into the home to find the husband unconscious on the floor. He runs up the stairs just in time to see the scary thing/mother having her way with the pregnant woman. He can hardly believe his eyes but his instincts tell him to go after the thing. 

The two wrestle and fight, Wu surprisingly standing on his own just enough for Nick and Hank to speed over to the house -- and for Nick to put a bullet through the creature.

Then, the creature turns into the old woman that she really is, and Wu goes crazy -- literally. This is the repercussion that Nick and Hank will have to live with because Wu is not alright. He knows what he saw, but he can't believe for one second what he saw because it's not the reality that he's known.

It's rather heartbreaking to see him in this state, seeing a therapist and not only hearing the ticking of the monster flicking its tongue in his head, but also the images.

It'll be interesting to see where Wu goes from here. Will Hank and Nick tell him? With Wu in this fragile mental state, the easy answer is no.

Oh, and if people are still caring, Adalind had her evil baby.

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