'Grimm' Recap: When Rats Attack
'Grimm' Recap: When Rats Attack
This week on Grimm, it's a special two-night event. A troubled teen, whose father is a rat catcher, is accused of killing the school music teacher. Nick learns he's one of the bad guys, but not one who would commit such a crime. So he sets out to find out the real killer.

Death By Rats

A music teacher is killed inside of his car by a bunch of rats. It leads Nick and his partner to the mobile home of a teen who was recently suspended from the school. The teen is expertly playing the violin.

The faces of the teen and his father morph -- but not only that, the teen knows Nick is a Grimm. And the father just happens to be a rat catcher, which is a teasing point for the students at the son's school.

The Perfect Crime?

All the evidence points to the teen and/or his father, but they maintain their innocence. The teen is a popular DJ and was at a rave at the time of the killing. The father insists the rat cages found near the school were stolen days earlier.

The teen, Roddy, believes it's one of the music students, the boyfriend of another student, who had been sneaking around to see Roddy. The boyfriend and Roddy had also fought, which led to Roddy's suspension.

Meanwhile, the coroner does an autopsy of the rats, to find what's been in their stomachs. She finds fiber, like from the carpet of a car, so Nick now has a lead to go on.

Figuring It Out

The fibers are from an SUV that belongs to the boyfriend. But he's nowhere to be found. He's off to the movies with his other music friends, and the girlfriend -- but not really. They're being led to Roddy's trap at the abandoned warehouse were the raves take place.

Thanks to the girl's cell phone being left behind, Nick reads a text from the boyfriend telling her about the rave. Immediately, he knows that it could be a trap so Nick and Hank set out for the building.

Facing the Music

The warehouse is laid out with candles -- and the rats. They're in hiding, but when Roddy starts playing his violin, they somehow know to come out. And when the kids get down to the underground area of the warehouse, they're attacked by the dozens and dozens of rats.

But since Hank and Nick were right on their tails, they arrive just in time but anything worse happens.

The boys confess they didn't mean to kill their music teacher. They just wanted to let the rats loose because they knew that Roddy was going to be suspected of doing it. They were jealous of his violin-playing skills, and just wanted to get back at him.

Tune in again tomorrow for another episode of Grimm!

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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