'Grimm' Recap: What is Nick Going to do Now?
'Grimm' Recap: What is Nick Going to do Now?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In the fall finale of Grimm, called "Season of the Hexenbiest," Nick has a series of days that will probably go down in history as some of the worst days ever. 

That Hexenbiest sure is a bitch

Much as the title suggests, Adalind has returned to Portland once again and this time she brings a whole lot more trouble with her. Now that she and Eric are in cahoots, they both want to get their hands on the key that Nick has. Adalind proves once again that she is really good at creating rippling waves of chaos. Everyone she comes into contact with is detrimentally affected by her presence. First she visits Hank and then has him beat up by a couple of Wesen, then she moves on to do more damage to Nick, Juliette and Renard. 

Trying to do the right thing

I have to say that I was glad to have things finally come to a head to the point where Juliette had to talk to Nick about Renard. I know that she really had no choice at that point, seeing as how she was spotted in the act by Monroe, but I did have a spark of admiration for her just coming out with it. Sometimes it's easy to forget that she truly has no control over her feelings in all this. 

The Prince of Pain

The other person who was stuck between a rock and a hard place was Renard. Thanks to Adalind, he's basically ruining Nick's life on a couple of different levels. First (and foremost) is falling in love with Nick's girlfiend, and then being forced to steal the key from the trailer. I never get the impression that Renard wants to cause Nick all this pain, but it keeps happening anyway. 

Now what?

After everything that happened to Nick in this episode, I really didn't think he'd find out who Monroe saw kissing Juliette. I mean come on, the guy had already had quite a bit put on his plate at that point and I wasn't sure how much more he could take. Now that he knows it's Renard, I don't know what Nick is going to do. I don't think he'll kill Renard, but what I do see happening is their relationship as captain and cop (a relationship that has overall been a good one when you get right down to it) torn to shreds. How can Nick ever trust his captain again? How can Renard look his subordinate in the eye after all this? Those are questions I can't wait to see answered next year. 

My favorite bits and quotes....

Nick getting the "we need to talk" phone call from both Juliette and Monroe. Ouch. 

Monroe downing a whole bunch of liquid courage before telling Nick what he saw. 

"How are things with Juliette?"
"Well, they're kind of in a holding pattern, except that nobody's holding anyone."

"I wasn't sure if you'd be home. I took a chance."
"Yeah, you did."

Poor Nick sleeping in his trailer and waking up to find out that his partner had been beaten up. 

"The dark does have it's bright side."

Nick opening up to Renard about the fact that Juliette was seeing someone else. Talk about awkward. 

"She went to Hank's last night and now he's in the hospital."
"Oh my god. What, did he sleep with her again?"

Wondering when Juliette was going to finally catch on and realize that Adalind asking about Nick's trailer was weird. 

"One more thing. You don't know what happened to my cat, do you?"

"I think the time for being careful is over, Nick."

Nick weilding that particularly brutal looking baseball bat. 

"You want to arrest them, or what?"
"Or what."

Monroe's spare room. That place is awesome. 

Nick finding out who was kissing Juliette, while Renard was busy finding Nick's trailer. Uh oh. 

What did you think of this episode of Grimm? What are the questions you can't wait to have answered when season 2 starts up again next year?

The rest of Grimm season 2 will be back in 2013. 

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