'Grimm' Recap: The Heart of the Matter (And More)
'Grimm' Recap: The Heart of the Matter (And More)
While the episode felt a little slow at times, overall I thought it was the best one yet, putting a modern twist on Hansel and Gretel.

Gracie and Hansen are siblings who live in the streets. Their friend Steven is found after he drowns. But the odd thing is he's got some marks on his neck that indicate marks from IV needles.

Then there's an accident where a man has been transporting human organs -- heart, liver and blood. Just before the driver dies, Nick sees his true face, and starts the process of finding the link together. Blood found in the truck matches that of Steven, the homeless kid who had found a "job" thanks to the kindness of a random stranger.

Could it be? Are teens being pulled off the streets and their killed for their organs?

Nick's Internal Battle

Nick sends Monroe off to a medicine shop where Monroe believes human organs are being sold to treat whatever they wish to fix. Monroe successfully buys human gallbladder, and Nick goes off on his own to confront the shop owner.

It's this scene where I was struck by Nick and his duties as a police officer and as a Grimm. He tells the shop owner that he shouldn't expect him to behave like a cop since he's not asking as a cop.

All throughout the season we've seen Nick struggle with those two responsibilities, and it seems like he's found some sort of middle ground -- for now. When he's on his own, he's just Nick, the Grimm, but when he's flashing his badge, he'll obey the law.

What About the Kids?

When Nick realizes that teens off the streets are being trailed for their organs, he takes Gracie and Hansen out for dinner with Juliette. They all seem to bond, but then Nick just lets them go.

Instead of recommending a shelter or help, he instead just tells them to call him if they notice anyone else missing or if any other white unmarked van offers a job to anyone. Seems a little irresponsible and self-centered, no?

Stealing Organs

Who couldn't see Gracie and her brother getting kidnapped from a mile away? They're taken to the surgical house, where the doctor who runs a free clinic in the area -- one that all the teens went to, and earlier, Nick and Hank had checked up on -- is the head of the whole stealing-organs business.

Following a pretty nice gun battle (for television), Nick chases the doctor. The two fight (she turns into a creature) and wrestle and she's about to slip into a fire. I found it interesting that Nick tries to save her at the last minute, but then loses his grip and she falls into a fiery mess.

Guy Time Between Nick and Monroe

Monroe and Nick's relationship has mostly been about the police cases and the bad guys. But Monroe has had enough. He wants more. He calls out Nick when the two of them are having dinner at Monroe's place, discussing another case yet again. Monroe wants their relationship to be more than just business talk, and now that he's made Nick aware of it, how will their relationship grow?

I mean, there was wine. There was dinner. There was jazz music. If this isn't love, then I don't know what is.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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