'Grimm' Recap: Something's in the Water
'Grimm' Recap: Something's in the Water
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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After the past few character-driven episodes, Grimm returns to a more procedural-focused one in "One Night Stand."

What's Down Under?

Two young couples are enjoying hanging out and swimming in the water. One leaves for a moment only to come up behind a girl who had been watching them the whole time. The girl turns out to be her deaf sister. This sister seems to be infatuated with the guy, Jake, that he's interested in. But she's younger, and plus, he has no idea who she is.

The two couples are in the water -- and something starts pulling the two guys under. The girls swim away, making no real attempt to help or get help. The one guy dies, but Jake manages to get pulled out of the water by the younger girl, who's got some freaky eyes.

The One That Got Away

Nick and Hank come across the case after Jake files a missing persons report on his friend -- and the friend's body is found. Jake isn't much of a believable witness in Nick and Hank's eyes because he can't give names of the girls that he was with and can't describe the girl who rescued him.

Jake takes the two to the scene of the drowning, where Nick's newfound hyperawareness makes him sense someone is nearby and sees the girl and chases after her. Before he can really catch up to her, she zips into the water and swims and swims away until she can no longer be seen.

Now that Nick got his own good look at the girl, he takes the info to Rosealee and Monroe, who help him uncover the story of yes, the mermaids.

Ringing Evidence

There's a break in the case when Jake's phone can be pinpointed thanks to GPS, which leads to the marina but an older man has no idea about a missing guy -- or a missing phone for that matter. Well, Sgt. Wu calls Jake's phone, and they all hear it ring loud and clear.

The two girls who were with the guys come back -- the third, younger one had jumped in the water to hide and is watching -- and the two deny knowing about a guy who drowned, about hanging out with two guys and even knowing Jake, right to his face!

No surprise here, but off to the precinct they go. But more important, Nick sees the father's face morph and gets the confirmation that they're not humans.

Unexpected Confession

While his daughters are at the precinct denying everything, the father gets a visit from two of his neighbors, men we saw earlier trying to insert themselves into the scene with Nick and questioning the girls. The two want the mermaid daughter to be taken care of -- and they're not messing around, giving the older man a nasty shiner.

The dad shows up at the precinct and confesses everything, saying he was protecting his daughters because their companions were raping them (umm, of all the things, really?!)

Nick and Hank totally see through the bold-faced lies and question the dad with all the details a killer should know: What did the guy you drowned look like? Where did it take place? And etc.

Ellie the Mermaid

The mermaid's name turns out to be Ellie, and she goes to see Jake at his apartment to show him who she really is. She jumps in the pool and can swim around crazy fast. And that's exactly when the two neighbor men who hit Ellie's dad come up behind him and knock Jake out and take Ellie.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank get a confession out of one of the sisters after informing them that their father confessed to the crime. Apparently, the two neighbor men are the killers in the ocean who showed up from Alaska six months ago. They're very traditional. Among their kind, they must kill two innocent people to start families -- at least, that was the old tradition that the guys still follow, but Ellie and her family don't. 

Nick to the Rescue

Nick and Hank are taken away after Jake reports the kidnapping. They have to find Ellie because they're going to kill her once she turns into a mermaid. The two are somewhat succeeding until Nick and Hank show up in time, sort of. When they see the police coming, Ellie was thrown in the water with bricks tied to the foot so she sinks. 

Without any hesitation, Nick dives in after her. He's underwater for an awfully long time, and he's having one of his weird post-zombie effects again. Eventually, he resurfaces with Ellie, and when he looks at Hank, his eyes are just bloodshot. Hank is freaked, as are we.

But Nick is fine, he insists. The girl was saved, and the family is happily reunited.

Mysterious Sender

Last episode, Nick went to see a doctor, and Juliette reads the results that show that he's completely fine physically, well not perfectly fine, but nothing bad. Is this just something he's going to have to deal with now or is it going to go anywhere?

Before Juliette can close out of the computer, she notices another email that she doesn't stop herself from reading. It's from an unknown identified person, talking about the Royals, telling Nick he/she loves him. Signed, M. Who's M? MOM?

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