'Grimm' Recap: Possessed Child or a Wesen?
'Grimm' Recap: Possessed Child or a Wesen?
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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The fall season of Grimm is winding down as "Stories We Tell Our Young" is tonight's latest episode before the two-hour finale next week. This week, Nick tries to link the murder of a priest to a Wesen, but it's turning out to be not so black and white.

Demon Child

A 9-year-old is brought to a church, where its longtime priest is performing an exorcism. It's 2013, and apparently these are still happening. During the exorcism, the boy turns into little Satan child, overcoming the priest, who eventually dies, and the seminary student, who manages to live.

At the scene, Nick, Hank and Wu think the boy has escaped out the window, but Nick's Spidey senses find him hiding, and he's promptly sent to the hospital.

The father is able to fill in some background information on his biological son. A year ago, Daniel went from being a nice boy to someone he doesn't recognize -- wild mood swings, violent and abusive. He also says he sees a physical change in him, leading Nick to believe one of the parents just has to be a Wesen.

Different Kind of Change

Nick sees the boy change physically --  and it's something he's never seen before. It's not the Wesen that he's used to -- so what is it?

Monroe and Rosealee have figured out what the boy could be -- a Wesen spirit that invades a child and makes him act the way Daniel's been reacting. And it just happens to be that they have to tell the council, which has been dealing with these types. By making them disappear. Well, Nick doesn't want that to happen to the boy, believing he can be helped. Monroe and Rosealee are at odds over the decision, but Rosealee eventually ends up contacting the council because if she doesn't, it'll just put her and Monroe in danger.

Nick and Juliet come to the conclusion that a parasite has taken over the boy after the family vacationed in Jordan and Egypt -- right around the time that Daniel had the flu, and then starting to show violent behavior.

They're trying to figure out what to do, when the decision is made for them when Monroe tells them a member of the council is coming after the boy. Daniel has been released to his parents, and that's where Nick, Juliet and Hank go.

Except when they're there, they hear commotion coming from his bedroom, and Nick gets there just in time to see the Wesen flying out the window -- and Daniel gone.

Cold Cure

Nick chases the Wesen down and leaves him with Hank as Nick goes after Daniel, who's running like crazy through the forest -- and it just happens to be raining, thunderstorming and cold. The boy finds shelter inside the fort he once built with his dad, but he's cold and likely going to get hypothermia.

Eventually, they find him, just in time to see the parasite moving inside of them. They realize that if the parasite needs a warm host and will likely die out in the cold, but they can't risk Daniel's life -- can they?

Everyone is kind of quiet, not wanting to be the one to speak up when they see the parasite actually die. Daniel is rushed back to his house to get warmed up, and Nick lets the Wesen council member go because he's that certain that Daniel is cured of everything.

It all ends happily ever after, with Juliet helping Nick fill the pages of the Grimm book with what they uncovered.

Running Away

While his officers were busy trying to help Daniel, Renard went off to Vienna for an unexpected trip. He doesn't know what to expect, but he's expecting danger.

He's taken to a safe house with his pal/informant. The last time he was in a place like this, he said, he and his mother were running for their lives -- from his own family. Well, the safe house doesn't turn out to be all that safe because they're hunted down. Thankfully, they get out of bed in time to kill the two intruders and escape down the sewer system. It's amusing to see the clean cut Renard having to go through the smelly underground. Where are they headed?

Meanwhile, Adalind is still around doing her thing. She's just meeting the prince, but we don't get to see who that is.

Next week, we'll likely get a lot of answers -- including the appearance of Santa "Claws" terrorizing Portland.

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