'Grimm' Recap: Playing with Fire
'Grimm' Recap: Playing with Fire
This week on Grimm, the suspect in Nick's latest case leads to a world of fire-breathing humans, which ends with Juliette's life in danger.

Playing With Fire

A man's death leads to a strip club-type joint except the women -- well, just one woman in particular -- is playing with fire in intense and spectacular ways. The woman, Ariel, is the daughter of Nick's main suspect, so he pays a visit and gets a huge surprise when he spots Monroe clapping and enjoying the show.

Nick's visit is purely for work purposes. When he sees the woman on stage turning into a creature he tries to confront her back stage, but doesn't get much from her.


Monroe is able to explain the creature in a simple way: they breathe fire like humans throw up -- or something like that. When Ariel invites Nick to her house because she has some clues to the investigation, her house is fully covered with copper -- and she's nowhere in sight.

Late for dinner with Juliette, Nick heads back home, finds her clothes strewn about the floor and heads up to their room -- only to find Ariel there! She's kidnapped Juliette and she tells Nick he must do anything he can to save her.

Damsel in Distress

With Monroe by his side, Nick heads to an abandoned warehouse -- without a plan, of course, which doesn't surprise us -- where Juliette is being held captive. Nick is to distract Ariel while Monroe saves Juliette. Nick instead comes upon Ariel's father, the suspect, and fights him and his fires off. Meanwhile, Ariel has gone back to Juliette. But thanks to Monroe's quick ways in getting her hands untied and then promptly going to hide, Juliette knocks Ariel out and safely escapes.

Ariel recovers and goes after Nick -- doing this crazy spinning move before unleashing a huge ball of fire as Nick's running for his life. Just when the place explodes, Nick runs out of there just in time.

That's How You Say 'Thank You'?

Juliette doesn't seem over what happened -- and rightfully so. She was kidnapped and tied up, but Nick came to her rescue! And the way she thanks him is to have him pull over in the middle of the road and say she isn't sure if she can do it any longer? I mean, wouldn't common courtesy be to at least wait until the next morning?

Are Juliette and Nick doomed?

Staying Alive

Ariel emerges from the house in one piece. What happened? Why doesn't her own fire kill herself? This survival has got us wondering why these creatures haven't been dying lately. I get the feeling that they're all going to band together and go after Nick at the same time.

I also can't explain why her entire house was wired with copper. I understand that the copper is supposed to conduct electricity -- I just don't know why.

The next episode looks to be one we've all been waiting for -- the motives of the captain and the blond Wesen lady. After wondering since the series premiere, hopefully we get some answers!

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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