'Grimm' Recap: One Happy Dead Family
'Grimm' Recap: One Happy Dead Family
This week on Grimm, Nick's crime-fighting with the power of ... sound. The latest killer can screech so high that it bursts arteries, glass -- anything in its way.

Meanwhile, Juliette does some sleuthing on her own, trying to find what really happened with Nick's parents' deaths so long ago.

Opening an Old Wound

When Nick wakes Juliette in the middle of the night with his nightmare about his parents' death, she takes matters into her own hands. Her reasoning for it however, was slightly bizarre -- that she hates being woken up in the middle of the night. So that's what needs to happen for her to actually do something useful, huh? Anyway, she tracks down the officer who was in charge of the case, and gets him to send over the four possible suspects.

It turns out three of the suspects were from a previous case (bad creatures), but the fourth is a mystery. But at least now she has a photo to work with.

Family Issues

The murder of the wealthy head of a family is particularly gruesome, as the bat creature screams and everything starts exploding. But this family isn't all that clean -- the woman's stepdaughter had been wiped clean after getting involved in a Ponzi scheme. While visiting the family, Nick sees one of them turn into a bad guy and figures it's him.

But later, we see one of the sisters kill her other sister -- just as the guy, Spencer, happens to be at the scene right as Nick and Hank arrive. Bad timing, guy.

Power of Sound

With Monroe's help to explain in plain English, Nick finds out the creature's abilities -- and a way to kill it. There happens to be an old machine, where if the handle is spun, it emits its own deadly sound that will specifically kill the thing with the power. Now how is Nick going to be able to use it? It's not something he can carry around with him in his backseat and pull out when it's appropriate!

Easy Escape?

At the police station, under arrest, Spencer actually admits to his power -- which confuses the heck out of Hank, thinking the suspect is on the crazy train. But it was just a way for Spencer to get Hank to leave the interrogation room so he can talk to Nick. He explains everything, that it's one of the other sisters, Lucinda, who's doing the killing after not being treated so well growing up. With another sister still alive, Nick realizes that this one is in danger and goes off to her house.

Meanwhile, Hank finds out that Lucinda will be the one who inherits everything from the family -- if everyone else dies. And then Spencer escapes by using his power and breaks the glass in the room. Why there's even a window in a police interrogation room, I have no clue.

Double Death

Nick quickly dials Monroe to come over with the machine, and the two barely make it to the final sister's house in time. Apparently, they have to lure Lucinda out instead of just going in the house with it, so they start working the machine. Lucinda starts running UP the stairs and then jumps out the window as things around her start shattering. Spencer arrives almost on cue and kills her. Just when he thinks everything's OK, Lucinda wakes up, bites Spencer and he dies too! Nick and Monroe find them both dead.

Monroe wonders: How is Nick going to explain this one?

Wrapping It Up

I don't think Captain Renard actually buys Nick's explanation about what happened -- that the machine is the actual murder weapon. I feel like he'd know what the thing is, right? Maybe? Renard asking how to work the thing was a nice touch, too.

Come back next week; the episode is billed as Grimm's biggest case and "the most shocking revelation yet." There are just two more episodes of the first season left!

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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