'Grimm' Recap: Nick's Got Trouble From All Sides Now
'Grimm' Recap: Nick's Got Trouble From All Sides Now
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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In this episode of Grimm, called "The Hour of Death," Nick has got his hands full as he faces troubles at work in the form of an apparent killer Grimm, and at home as things get rocky between him and Juliette. 

Never trust the new guy

For a while now I've had this very weird feeling about Ryan, but I kept thinking that I was crazy and I ignored it. Turns out my first instincts were right and sweet, innocent Ryan wasn't so sweet or innocent after all. His was a complicated tale. He was a Wesen, but one that hated his own kind so much that he chose to idolize a Grimm. That Ryan would turn himself into a creature that would have killed him had he met him on the street just makes my head spin. As does the fact that his chosen idol was the kind of Grimm who would never have hurt him had he not started hurting people. 

Do the ends justify the means?

Tonight's episode posed an interesting moral dilemma. Yes Ryan was a nutjob and yes he deserved to be locked up, but you have to admit that if he hadn't tortured his first victim, they may not have found the missing woman. But I think that the moment he decided to torture Bud -- an innocent creature who had done nothing wrong -- he lost any credit he had with me for saving Donna. 

Rocky road

In the beginning of the episode, we find Nick and Juliette having a bit of a spat. In some odd way, I sort of thought that might be a good sign. I mean griping at each other has to be better than cold politeness, right? But I was wrong and it was actually a sign that both of them were frustrated with their situation, for different reasons. 

Another kiss

When Renard got Juliette to meet him at the coffee shop, I wasn't sure what his intentions were. Was he just doing it so that he could see her again? Did he only want to find out what she remembered about that night so that he could be sure his "cover" was still intact? The answer became clear when the two of them shared a small moment there and then an even bigger moment, one that involved a couple of long kisses, at Juliette's home. 

Where to now?

Even with all of the teasing, I was never fully ready to say that Juliette and Renard were going to get involved. I've been teased too many times by TV shows giving us some very tantalizing clues, only to have them shut it all down before anything could happen. So when Renard and Juliette kissed, I have to admit that I practically cheered. Not necessarily because I want them to end up with each permanently (I think my heart still wants her ultimately with Nick), but because I was impressed that the show was willing to go in that direction. Now I'm excited to see where they continue to take these two characters. 

My favorite bits and quotes: 

"Maybe you should try and get some more sleep." 
"Not on this couch."

"Just because he's a Wesen doesn't mean he's guilty, right?"

"It's one thing to lie to a cop, it's another to lie to someone like me."

Juliette's little smile after she hung up with Renard. 

"It's probably how they paid for Notre Dame actually."

Hank telling Nick to get rid of the crossbow. Yep, sounds like a plan. 

"I sure hope you were guilty."

"You went to Zayne's house to shoot him with a crossbow, I went there to make sure you weren't doing something like shoot him with a crossbow."

"What is this, some kind of Wesen fairy tale book?" 
"Hey, you've got yours, we have ours."

"Did you say testicles?" 
"I did say testicles."

"I'm just starting over with you - him." - Whoa, that was pretty telling. 

Renard reaching out to touch Juliette's hand and her sliding away. 

Renard keeping Juliette's sunglasses. 

"You're a Grimm." 
"More than you'll ever be."

"Nobody in their right mind would think that, but nobody's in their right mind right now."

Nick finding Ryan's creepy stalker wall covered with photos of himself. 

"A Grimm that doesn't kill Wesen is not a Grimm."

"If you think I'm gonna stop screaming while you do that, you're crazy."

Ryan showing his true form and then begging Nick to kill him for what he was. 

"The next time we hire a new intern, I suggest they do a better psych evaluation."

Nick and Hank's reactions to getting hugged by Bud. 

"Whatever he is, it's not what he wants to be."

Renard and Juliette kissing. Wow. 

What did you think of this episode of Grimm? Did you suspect Ryan as the other "Grimm," or just have an odd feeling about him? What do you think of where they are taking Renard and Juliette?

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