'Grimm' Recap: Juliette Won't Marry Nick!
'Grimm' Recap: Juliette Won't Marry Nick!
Oh, I am in a tizzy after this week's Grimm. Sure. there were lots of cool cat and bird people special effects and a riveting plot revolving around these, but Juliette turned down Nick's marriage proposal! Nick is her Romeo, but Juliette is not going to be satisfied it seems until Nick spills all of his secrets to her about being a Grimm

Unromantic Getaway

Nick is excited because he and Juliette are going to a cabin to spend a romantic weekend together. Well, it's even more special than that thanks to the little velvet covered box that Nick is packing for the trip. The cabin is more like a house that happens to be made from logs as it's gorgeous. They should have picked a place without so many windows though as Juliette sees a red barn-style cabin clearly from a window and can't stop looking at the couple in it as they seem to have serious domestic abuse issues.

Log Cabin Lingerie

Juliette tries to forget about worrying about what she doesn't even know for a fact about the couple to focus on Nick. She makes a grand entrance in a short nightgown with a long cardigan sweater-looking piece over it. Ever hear of making a fire in the fireplace first and wearing a silk robe, Juliette? Anyway, that doesn't matter because for one thing, Nick likes it and for another, Juliette looks out the window again to see the male neighbor forcefully grabbing the female one. Nick calls the Sheriff to make an emergency trip to the red barn cabin.

A Bird by Any Other Name

What's really going on over there is that the guy, who morphs into a cat at times, is trying to get rich from what this girl, who is appropriately named Robin and morphs into a bird, can produce. She is not the goose who lays golden eggs, but very close to that. She gets a lump in her throat that turns into a valuable gem stone. The trick is that she has to have worms to be able to do this, so the cat man grinds worms up in a blender and forces poor Robin into a chair hooked up to a force feeding system made up of powered tubing..

Broaching the Subject

Their kissing halted by having to call 911 about their neighbors, Juliette takes this time to tell Nick that she feels like trouble always follows them and she wants to discuss it. Does Nick think Juliette knows he's one of the Grimms, because I think that. I used to even think that Juliette could be a Grimm herself. Nick gingerly gets out of discussing anything about this with Juliette though. They get further caught up in the neighbors' drama since the police don't know enough at this point to do anything. Nick sees the cat face transformation, so he calls Monroe up at 2:30 in the morning to get the scoop on this kind of creature. He later talks with Rosalee about Robin's kind of bird creature too.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Still determined to put the "romantic" in their getaway, Nick and Juliette are all smiles later that day as they discuss going antique shopping. Nick suggests they go to the grocery to so that he can cook them a romantic dinner. Who do you think is at the grocery store? Well, the cat man and bird woman, of course. Juliette takes this opportunity to give Robin her phone number to call if she needs help, but then cat man is there and stares at Juliette in a snotty, superior way just like a real cat! I love that.

Nick also makes the guy as nervous as a real cat when he follows him all over the store. Later, Robin's friend, Gary, who tried to help her escape, ends up dead. Both Nick and Juliette get involved to save the day for Robin. Nick actually ends up having to cut out the stone from Robin's neck and that is so gross, yet cool too I have to admit.

It's a No

When things calm down, Nick takes out the little velvet box and pops the question. Juliette says she loves him, but she just can't say yes until they can discuss all of the issues about the drama that always follows them.

What did you think about this week's Grimm?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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