'Grimm' Recap: Follow the Venom
'Grimm' Recap: Follow the Venom
Follow the Venom

A tall, dark, mysterious man who's clearly a womanizer starts putting the moves on a woman at an art gallery function, and then fear for her safety when we see him turn into a creature. This won't end well.

Back at his place, she's resisting his advances but he won't give up -- until she flips him onto his back and then also turns into something scary, and there's this weird exchange of grossness between them through their mouths and suddenly, he's dead, but not before biting her finger off.

On one hand, he sort of got what he deserved. But on the other hand, I wondered why he didn't turn into his creature and fight her back. Maybe he was too shocked over what was going to on to turn in time.

An autopsy concludes that the man died of poisonous venom.

The Finger Is Alive

When Nick comes into contact with the severed body part, it wiggles at him -- like it's trying to say hi, which was hilarious. It turns out the print matches that of a crime scene elsewhere, meaning this organ-sucking spider demon has done this before, and the similar crime scene photos prove it.

Kill to Survive

The story of the killer is quite sad, as it's something that these types of creatures must do. Nick and Monroe visit Charlotte, another one of the kind and a spider expert. Charlotte, spider expert. Get it? She's in her 20s but is rapidly aging as she resists killing people.

So for them, it's a mode of survival -- otherwise, slowly succumb to your death. What a pretty depressing story line, huh?

And the kicker comes at the end, when Nick is driving the killer's daughter and catches her turn from the rearview mirror. Which means she'll eventually have to make the decision of one day to kill and survive.

Decisions To Come

More and more seem to be finding out Nick's Grimm identity. I mean, it's not like he's doing anything much to hide it. I feel like it's all leading up to the big decision regarding Juliette -- follow his aunt's advice and dump her, or let her know and hope for the best?

Next week's episode looks to be both scary, suspenseful and crazy at the same time. How Monroe and Nick end up in a cage-fighting match ... that's something you'll have to tune in for.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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