'Grimm' Recap: Don't Eat That ...
'Grimm' Recap: Don't Eat That ...
Before we get into this week's episode: While the show was on a short hiatus, it was announced that NBC picked it up for Season 2! The show has had good ratings, emerging from a handful of other new shows that never got off the ground.

This week's episode of Grimm left more questions to be asked, and what's going to happen to Sgt. Wu?

Poisonous Cooking

Looks like we know what Captain Renard and his mysterious blonde lady friend have up their sleeves: To get to Nick, they're going to get to those close to him first. So Adalind, with some spices and her own blood, cooks up some food for Hank, who then goes completely delusional and a bit obsessive over Adalind. He's constantly eating her cookies, and then imaging a figure (her) that gets in the way of his job. In the end, he's in his bed, perspiring and shaking -- and Adalind is there. Or who I assume is her. He could be imagining that as well.

Put Down That Cookie!

When Sgt. Wu spots Hank's sweet treat on his desk, he's immediately drawn to it. Later, he manages a bite -- and then faints! It turns out when the poison is concocted, it affects the person it's intended for, but if the wrong person takes it, all these gross bumps start growing on his face, and he'll eventually die.

Robbery Gone Wrong

Nick investigates the latest murder, the robbery of the spice shop that was introduced a few episodes ago, and the killing of the shop owner. After tracking down his sister, it turns out the suspects were after a really addictive spice -- wanting it so badly that they killed for it.

The sister befriends Monroe -- possible love interest? you know it's coming -- and the two track down where the suspects are going to go to get more of this addictive thing.

During the robbery, the shop owner, who's one of the creatures, bites the leg of one of the suspects. It seemed like that had some sort of significance, other than leaving the guy limping, but the show never addressed that.

Better ... But Not Cured?

Before Nick, Monroe and the sister, Rosalee, all go off to find the bad guys, a poisoned Sgt. Wu is sent by Nick to check on the shop. Thankfully, he's at the right place at the right time, and the sister knows how to cure him by making some potion that they manage to get him to drink.

And while he seems normal ... he starts eating his own couch? Oh, no. What's wrong with him? I thought the potion would've cured him completely!

Nick is successful in his mission, kicking some serious butt -- it's like his fighting skills are getting better with each episode. And then there's Monroe, who's held at gunpoint, and then Rosalee comes and saves the day!

I like her. There have been other possible matches for Monroe in the past, but this one by far seems like there's depth to her.

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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