'Grimm' Recap: Deep in the Woods
'Grimm' Recap: Deep in the Woods
This week on Grimm, a girl who has been missing for nine years is linked to a crime. Believing she's a Blutbad, Nick and Monroe try to find her and help her.


A couple hiking in the woods is kidnapped by a man with a rifle. Seems like they stumbled upon a gunman's marijuana growing site. The man is about to kill the two when, out of nowhere, a long, thick strand of hair that's rope-like wraps around the gunman's neck, killing him.

The police, knowing the man is a drug dealer, believe he was killed for the marijuana plants at the campsite.

Nick's police/Grimm sensors go up at the crime scene -- and a rustle around him him makes him chase something in the woods. She turns around, with her long, thick hair -- and is a Blutbad.

Wild Child

The detectives find out the small lock of hair found on the body belongs to Holly, a 7-year-old reported missing nine years ago. It's a case Hank was assigned to back then -- the girl was abducted while playing in her own backyard. Could it be?

Nick finds out from Monroe that if she were a Blutbad, she could've survived as a "wild child." But because the girl was adopted, there's a likelihood her adoptive parents had no idea who she really was. And because of that, she would've had no one around her who understood what she was going through, which means she might not even have an idea of who she is.

Opening Old Wounds

Holly's case is officially reopened, but the captain wants to keep it low profile. So Nick goes back to the crime scene "alone" -- he brings Monroe along, of course. In the woods, they spot her running and chase after her. Monroe and the girl turn into their Blutbad counterparts, howling at each other in communication before she disappears again up a huge tree and a treehouse.

Hank is off to the adoptive parents' house, where he finds out that the family, more specifically Holly, liked to camp at a specific spot (where she currently is now), and that a neighbor had lent them camping gear. Now that he has a name, Hank is off to gather more info.

The Mysterious Neighbor

Up in the treehouse, Holly has severe wounds on her body and is sick. Monroe is able to communicate with her, as all she wants to do is kill the two. Nick, who finds a pink hairpin presumably from when she was 7, gives it to her as a sign of trust, that they're there to help her.

Nick then sees a name etched in a box, Addison -- the same name Hank got from Holly's mother. He leaves the treehouse (because there's no cell phone reception) when he spots the car of the brothers of the dead drug dealer. They're back at the scene of the crime with a vengeance.

At the station, Sgt. Wu digs up information about the man who was apparently in the hospital for a dog bite during a hike the day of Holly's disappearance. But there are irregularities in the report, Hank realizes, and he was never considered a suspect.


Monroe is out of the tree, digging for some plant medicine for Holly as the dead man's brothers watch. Monroe goes back up in the treehouse, only to be threatened back down. Nick finds the group and draws his weapon on the brothers. Holly comes out of nowhere and kills one of them, and Nick shoots the other.

Holly is reunited with her mother, and then goes to the station to identify Addison as the man who kidnapped her nine years ago.

Esther Gim
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