'Grimm' Recap: Blutbads Are In Trouble -- Including Monroe
'Grimm' Recap: Blutbads Are In Trouble -- Including Monroe
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

In "A Dish Best Served Cold," there's a Blutbad hunter out there, reigniting an old feud. If you ever wondered just how many Blutbads are living in Portland, you'll find out here.

Nick the Super Human

Because of his weird episodes, Nick goes to see the doctor, who just informs him that he must be in peak physical shape because his heart rate or his blood pressure do not rise when he goes faster and faster on a treadmill. 

He's still in his weird state of not being all there. But he tells Juliette he feels more aware and in control -- but then again, he wonders if that's just because he's paying more attention to himself after what happened.

He's also still feeling the guilt over murdering a man, and he goes into Renard's office to offer his guilt. But Renard's having none of it. He seems slightly annoyed that Nick is so bent out of shape over what he calls an "accidental" murder because Nick has no problems killing as a Grimm, but because the guy wasn't, there's now a double standard? Oh snap -- but a pretty valid point.

Blutbads Being Hunted

Over a very fancy dinner, Monroe and Rosealee decide to take the next step in their relationship and move in together, which we totally approve. It was about time. But in order to do so, Nick would have to move out since he technically still has some of his stuff there, including his toothbrush.

The farewell is pretty awkward but in a lovable way as each don't really know how to say goodbye. But they don't have to because moving out has turned into a surprise goodbye party, with the whole gang there.

The celebrations are cut short due to a phone call that Monroe's friend is missing. Hank and Nick wonder right away whether it has anything to do with the current turn up of dead bodies with their insides just burst open. The victims had climbed trees, and that's where their bloodied bodies have been found.

Nick and Hank had made the connection that the two victims had both eaten at the same restaurant that Monroe and Rosealee had. An even deeper connection is that the two were also Blutbads.

Killer Mushrooms

Upon hearing about the cause of death, Rosealee recognizes what's killing them -- these exotic mushrooms. The restaurant has been serving them to everyone -- humans included -- but it only affects Blutbads by making their insides burst. The mushrooms had been served with beef, and Monroe doesn't eat meat so, huge sigh, he's perfectly fine. Other than the fact that he's all "eye for an eye" with the restaurant chef, who's a Wesen, as is his entire culinary team.

Nick had offered the Wesen chef the chance to come clean, but he wouldn't. The Wesens and Blutbads have been feuding forever, and no one can stop them.

Nick, Hank and Monroe get to Monroe's friend way too late -- he bursts right in front of them. So since Nick won't kill the Wesen, and he doesn't want Monroe to either, how are they going to bring him down?

Going Nowhere

After the restaurant closes for the night, Monroe follows the Wesen out of the restaurant, where he's joined by the the entire Portland pack of Blutbads. He's completely surrounded, but Nick and Hank get there in time, right before Monroe turns into his alter ego.

And the two are fighting. I've seen way too many scenes of them beating each other up, and now they're doing it again? What's going on? Nick and Hank call out to Monroe that he's under arrest, and this whole scene is completely whack. When Monroe disobeys and starts to come after them, Nick shoots him. Nick shoots Monroe!

Monroe goes down -- but for someone on the edge of death, he's sure able to say a lot of last words. By now, all the Blutbads are pissed, and Nick and Hank tell the Wesen they can't help him unless he confesses. To which he does -- and hook, line and sinker.

The Wesen is taken away, and of course, Monroe is totally fine because it was all a set up. The Wesen signs his confession to the deaths, and Renard sums it all up nicely: "This little piggy went to jail."