'Grimm' Recap: Beware of the Boogeyman
'Grimm' Recap: Beware of the Boogeyman
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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In the tonight's episode of Grimm, called "El Cucuy," we start from two weeks ago, when two masked men beat a gas station attendant. Present day then picks up from the end of the previous episode, after Juliette discovered Nick's email from someone who signed it "love you, M."

Who Is M?

Juliette confesses she saw Nick's email from "M," and Nick doesn't hesitate to tell her it's his mother. He goes into the backstory of how he found out his mother wasn't dead after all, which happened while Juliette was in her coma. It's nice the show also shows flashbacks from when his home was broken into and his mother saved him in order to refresh our own memories.

But Nick doesn't know why his mother is reaching out to him with a warning about trouble. He can only take it to mean she's in trouble but has no idea where she is.

Later, Juliette does some digging -- tracking down the email's IP address to find out the email originated from Slovenia. Hmm, didn't realize it was so easy to do that. 

Killing the Killers

The masked men who attacked the gas station attendant return to a convenience store and rob the place. (They're also not very smart criminals, since they touch the register, leaving fingerprints everywhere.)

As they're making their escape, out of nowhere, something/someone attacks both of them, and it looks especially brutal as their throats get slashed. It appears like a dog attack, and that's the lead the police take.

With Nick and Hank on the case now, they track down witnesses showed on the surveillance footage. One of them names a man, Ray, a dog fighter. He also happens to have a rap sheet and is a known associate of the two dead robbers.

At Ray's house, he ends up attacking Nick, not wanting to give up his dogs for testing. Well, doesn't he know he doesn't have a choice, especially after attacking a police officer? Ray is a Wesen too and realizes Nick is a Grimm but doesn't seem to care that much about that fact.

At the station, Ray pleads his innocence.

It's the Boogeyman

When Nick needed help, he'd just go to Monroe's house or Rosealee's shop. But now that the gang has grown by two more people, it's a dinner party -- complete with artichokes and tabbouleh edamame -- as they pass around crime scene photos and share information.

All they really figure out is that Ray is a creature also known as "beast from hell." He isn't afraid of Grimms but is also too stupid.

Meanwhile, a woman gets attacked by a man after leaving the bus -- but she quickly gets help from the someone/something that killed previous bad guys. She tells Nick and Hank about what saved her life -- El Cucuy.

Nick and Hank, of course, have no idea what El Cucuy is. But the ever-so-resourceful Juliette tells him it's the Boogeyman.

Connected to the Crime

While viewing footage from the bus, they recognize a familiar face -- it's the elderly woman who just so happened to be at the convenience store when it got robbed. Why was she at both crime scenes? Even though they were in close proximity, it still seems like too much of a coincidence.

Nick and Hank pick her up from her place, but get a call that forces them to take a detour. Flores, the man who had been turning up at all the crime scenes yelling at the police to do their job, had been attacked by Ray and now he was going to get revenge. As a former Marine suffering from PTSD, Flores had been getting sick of Ray and his crew's stranglehold on the neighborhood and went to his house to confront him.

But since Ray is a Wesen, Flores is no match for him. Nick and Hank get to the house just in the time and order Ray back in the house -- before realizing the elderly woman is no longer in the backseat of the police car!

Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

That's when Nick and Hank hear screams coming from the inside, and they catch Ray beaten and bludgeoned by the Boogeyman -- who then turns into her sweet ol' woman self. That's right, the Boogeyman is a 77-year-old woman.

They take her to the station, but what can they really do? Arrest an old lady for murdering men three times her size and strength? No one would believe it. So all they can do is let her go.

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