'Grimm' Recap: Revenge Is a Dish Served Wesen-Style
'Grimm' Recap: Revenge Is a Dish Served Wesen-Style
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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In "The Good Soldier," a former soldier seeks payback, but for what? Meanwhile, Rosealee and Monroe's relationship continues to progress.


This week's case is one of those where you feel for the killer. It's such a twisted case, but in the end, there's justice. A woman named Frankie has shown up in Portland to track down some men for what they've done, but that's not revealed for quite some time.

Bodies are turning up dead, stabbed by a poisonous spike that turns out to be scorpion poison. The woman is seeking revenge on military contractors and an Army guy from when they were in Iraq for gang raping her. Three of the men are in Portland, while the Army guy is in Phoenix, but all but one from Portland end up dead --  via a home invasion.

All signs point to Frankie. She's got cuts on her arms, and she's obviously pissed, but is she a killer? She just seems like she wants to scare the guys into telling the truth, but it's hard to overlook how the men she pays a visit to are the ones who end up dead.

Guilty Conscience

There is one man who's still feeling years of guilt, and that's the commander of the men who raped her. The men were just jerks while overseas, and because they couldn't be prosecuted for anything, they felt compelled to act however they wanted without fear of retribution (like raping Frankie).

While we're led to believe that it might be Frankie committing all those crimes (we don't actually see her doing anything), she's not the Wesen that's been killing the guys. It turns out the CO is also a Wesen and has been killing the men for her because he didn't make them pay at the time.

In the end, the CO gets in an epic Wesen fight with the lone survivor (yep, he's Wesen too). But the military guy stabs the CO with Nick and Hank right there! So while the guy can't be convicted now, he can for the stabbing death of the CO. Still don't get why he did that, since obviously he did it in front of police officers.

A Reunion

Rosealee and Monroe take a big step in their relationship, by visiting her mother and sister. She's a bit hesitant because of their strained relationship -- and the fact that it's the anniversary of her father's death.

Her mother is pleasant enough, but the sister is a real jerk, and during dinner there's a huge fight. It comes out that Rosealee didn't attend her father's funeral because she didn't even know he died. She had been in jail for shoplifting! With Monroe's help, they're able to patch things up. 

Next week though, it seems the family ties continue for Monroe and Rosealee, when Monroe's parents visit. And ... there's an engagement!

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