'Grimm' Recap: A Wesen Gang is on the Loose in Portland
'Grimm' Recap: A Wesen Gang is on the Loose in Portland
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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We've had to endure the Austria storyline for quite some time now, wondering what the payoff will be and when it will come. For one week though, that was on the back burner as Grimm kept its focus solely on Portland in "Eyes of the Beholder."

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A teen bears witness to a brutal beating in the parking lot of a restaurant. It's shocking, so it's understandable that he seems frozen, although he calls out. Bad move because the bad guys have seen him. Another restaurant patron sees the kid running off and speeding away in his car -- making it seem like the kid was the one who beat up the couple. 

It turns out the guy who was beaten up is a Wesen and also a gang member with a criminal history. 

The kid's girlfriend, a waitress at the restaurant he was at, tells him not to go to the cops because they won't be able to do anything about. What wonderful advice! Not.

His bad luck continues because a traffic cam caught him running a red light, so Nick and Hank are able to track down the car -- and the address.

Surprise at the Door

Hank and Nick find the apartment of the car's owner, Tyler ... except it's Hank's former physical therapist! She says she goes by her middle name and that Tyler is her first name. But obviously, she wasn't the one who was driving the car. She reveals she has a brother who lives with her, but that she's positive he was home.

And that's when the kid, Jared, comes home -- and immediately runs off. Why do people who are on their feet and running from the police think they can get away?

Well, he doesn't. And he's taken to the station. Nick and Hank quickly realize that the kid isn't the shooter, but that he saw what happened. He isn't giving up much, though.

Hello from Seattle

The bad guys are a Wesen street gang visiting from Seattle. They want to make their presence known, which is why they killed the rival gang member and beat up his girlfriend. But they know that someone saw them -- could identify them -- so they go after Jared's girlfriend.

She must have revealed where Jared lives because next thing we know, there are two men in the apartment building, following her and then chasing after her when she realizes they must be bad. Thankfully, she's on the phone with Hank, and the police get to their house in no time, and eventually are taken to a safe house.

True Identities

Since the gang can't get to Jared, they'll make Jared come to him -- but having his girlfriend call, and invite her to her house, which is where she's being held captive of course. But she doesn't just nonchalantly invite him over, she says she's in trouble, making Jared head over there fast.

Hank eventually realizes that Jared as left the safe house, and he, Nick and Zuri head to the house.

At the house, it turns out Jared is a Wesen and so is Zuri! Totally didn't see that one coming. Jared overtakes one of the bad guys, but when he catches up with him again, Zuri comes out of nowhere and feasts on him. 

Nick decides that they'll tell the police that they found him like that when they got there, and the case is pretty much closed.


While at the safe house Hank had been bonding pretty nicely with Zuri as they shared personal stories about them. But she rejects him yet again. Come on, isn't it time for Hank to find a lady friend? Although he's fine with who she really is and it wouldn't bother him in a relationship, that's not how she feels. So although she seems like a good match, Hank needs a nice, normal human. 

Meanwhile, Juliette is dealing with Alicia. Nick had told her the truth, and she couldn't keep her mouth shut. Not in the beginning, and even when Alicia was pretending like she didn't know what Juliette was talking about. Even after Rosealee and Nick told her she should just wait it out. It was rather annoying watching Juliette force the issue.

But it was also rather sweet watching Juliette and Alicia beat up Alicia's boyfriend after he comes barging in, eventually getting arrested.

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm on NBC.

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