'Grimm' Recap: Death by Dating
'Grimm' Recap: Death by Dating
This week on Grimm, the death of a woman may be connected to a serial rapist. Somewhere in between, frogs are swallowed whole and ears are cut off. All in a day's episode. What I can't figure out is which Grimm tale this is related to. Anyone have any idea? My best guess is Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Get a Whiff of This

A photo of a beautiful garden posted by the dead woman through a Facebook-like site leads the detectives to check out a bed and breakfast whose owner is pretty creepy. While checking out the garden, Nick happens to catch the man's face transform through the waters of the fountain. Bingo.

And then after Hank accidentally steps on a toad, we later see the creepy guy eat it. Gross.

After checking out the Grimm book and enlisting help from Monroe, who is playing the cello when Nick drops by -- by far the most amusing part of the episode -- Nick finds out a Ziegevolk hypnotizes women by their scent into thinking he's this really desirable guy, a Ziegevolk.

Don't Mess With the Captain

A mysterious man comes by the police station with an article about an off-duty police officer shooting an attacker (Nick, from the pilot). Early on in the episode, we see the man check into a hotel, take out a scythe from his belongings and turn into one of those hairy bad guys.

But before the man can come in contact with Nick, the captain intervenes, waiting for the man back in his room at the hotel. We learn the man has come to avenge his friend's death. The captain warns the man that he should not have come to "his city." And with that, he slices the guy's ear off! He means business. But why is the captain protecting Nick? And he speaks French??

Tracking Down the Bad Guy

With new knowledge, Nick puts his plan into motion. First, a tracker for the Ziegevolk's car. Well, that doesn't come easy because the man leaves the bed and breakfast -- on foot. So as Nick tails the guy, Hank goes into the house.

Let's pause for one second to discuss how the show seems to completely disregard police procedure. It's been done in past episodes, and it's done here, too. Hank just entering the house? He mentions later that there is probable cause, but that just seems like a cop-out. A

nyway, Hank discovers the basement where women are locked in cages. But he can barely make them out, as he's passed out. Seems like the Ziegevolk had cast a spell on Hank too when he and Nick visited the bed and breakfast.

Meanwhile, Ziegevolk enters a bar to find his newest victim. Nick can't go because the guy has seen him before, so he calls up Monroe and pays him a couple bucks to go into the bar.

He's Getting Away!

Monroe almost falls under the Ziegevolk's spell but leaves the bar just in time. Ziegevolk leaves too, and Nick's hot on his trail again. Along the way, he's trying to get a hold of Hank but the line just rings.

He gets the station to trace back Hank's cell phone, which is inside the bed and breakfast. Ziegevolk knows he's been got so he tries to escape -- but not before trapping Nick in the basement too and turning on some dangerous gas.

It's not very difficult for the two detectives to escape, but Ziegevolk has gotten away. Luckily the GPS tracker finds the guy, who tries to elude the two in a pretty epic foot chase. And it's all over when Ziegevolk runs out into the street and gets run over by a bus!

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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