'Grimm' Recap: Killer Bees
'Grimm' Recap: Killer Bees
This week on Grimm, a flash mob ends tragically. Nick tries to piece together whether the killer is part of his Grimm past.

Killer Flash Mob

Imagine being on a packed bus: standing shoulder to shoulder with the people around you, when all of a sudden, you hear the Village People screech out -- of a boom box no less -- and everyone around you starts doing the "YMCA." Flash mob. I mean, really? I think if someone told me I had five minutes to put together a flash mob, it'd be better than this one. But I digress ... since a woman ends up dead. Enter Nick and his partner.

LeBron James with Wings

She's killed by bee venom, which is quickly now on the top of my list of scariest thing ever. And it's not just an ordinary bee, but a bee the size of LeBron James that would've created enough venom to kill.

A beekeeper tells the detectives that the venom was natural, and the origin can't be determined. How convenient.

When Bees Attack

Nick's instincts lead him to pick out one of the flash mob dancers as a suspect and he follows him to a dark building, where he and his partner watch a meeting with the possible suspect and two others, including a woman. But before they can get a closer look at her, a swarm of bees -- and I mean a SWARM of them -- converge on the detectives. Yuck.

After safely escaping the bees, which seemed attracted to Hank for some reason, Nick heads to the secretive trailer to flip through the Big Book of Grimm Answers. With the help of Eddie -- we love Eddie, and need more of him! -- Nick finds out who the "queen bee" is and is able to find the source of the beehive.

At a Crosswords

Hank, being the trusty detective that he is, figures out that another murder victim and the first victim are colleagues at a law firm, and were working on a case with another -- Adalind the Hexenbiest, who tried to kill Aunt Marie in the hospital. She's also likely the next victim, so Nick has to decide between bringing her down and saving her life.

After coming across the queen bee in the basement of the hotel room -- it turns out she WAS trying to kill the Hexenbiest -- and just holding his gun out as the two women engaged in a serious catfight, Nick shoots ... the queen bee. Despite her attempts to warn Nick that people, more specifically HE, is coming after him. Could it be the captain?

By Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of NBC)