'Grimm' Recap: Bad News Bears
'Grimm' Recap: Bad News Bears
This week on Grimm, a woman hears her boyfriend get attacked inside of a house they broke into. The family who lives in the house, it turns out, has a dark past. Which fairytale are we dealing with here?

The Story

A couple breaks into the home of a rich family, eating their food, drinking their wine and laying on their bed. When they hear a car pull up, the woman, Gilda, manages to escape but her boyfriend is pulled back in. She sees shadows and screams and runs off with the car.

The investigation the next day leads back to the house, where Nick and his partner see all these artifacts that are part of the homeowners' heritage. Of course, his Grimm senses are up these days -- especially when he meets the son, who turns into a bear.

It's "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"!

Meanwhile, the boyfriend is alive! He's in a cage though, tied up, blindfolded and in the company of another bear.

Bar Mitzvah for Bears

Nick goes to see an irritated Monroe, showing him one of the claw-like objects that Nick got from the home. He tells him it's used by Jagerbars, during "a bar mitzvah for bears." Oh, this show is pretty much being held together by Monroe's humor and one-liners.

With newfound knowledge, he heads to the hospital, where Aunt Marie is able to dish some details about the bears. The bears are ready for their rite of passage from boy to man, on sunset. Of course, it's not pretty. Blood and all of that.

Damsel in Distress

It's really noble of Gilda to get a gun and drive back to the house, demanding answers. But we all knew that it wouldn't end pretty, right? But, we were still rooting for her. She pulls the gun on the mother, and a bear, who turns out to be the son, comes out of nowhere and tackles her to the ground. Even Mom gives Gilda a nice kick. Gilda is then taken to the cave. At least she's reunited with her boyfriend?

The dad seems to know all the bad things that are going on with his son, and offers Nick help. He knows where the cave is and is willing to lead Nick to it. Didn't see that one coming.

Keeping Watch

When Captain Renard conveniently pulls the guards protecting Aunt Marie's hospital bed, Nick enlists Monroe -- Monroe, of all people! -- to keep watch on her. Nick seems to trust Monroe more than Monroe trusts himself not to do anything bad. His eyes do get a little crazy-looking. but he then gets interrupted by a man outside the room, and follows him to a dark, grungy-looking spot and gets attacked by two men. I'm not sure what that scene meant -- were they just guys looking to beat Monroe up or was there more to that? Did Monroe think the men were going to hurt Aunt Marie? Well, it doesn't matter because Monroe goes all wolf-y on them and yanks the arm off one of the guys. So ... he does have it in him to kill, still!

Run! Before it's too late!

Dad takes one sniff at a piece of clothing in the cave and declares, "It has started." Nick has drawn his gun at this point because Dad turns into Papa Bear. But Papa Bear just runs out of the cave, leading Nick to the ritual spot. Papa Bear has turned back to Dad and tells the boys it's over. And then from far another another bear comes running along and ... no! Mama Bear has fallen into the trap, and is then carried out of a stretcher. And ... that was anti-climactic.

Saying Goodbye

A priest enters Aunt Marie's room with the intention of killing her. But she turns the scalpel-like object on him and stabs him. Nick arrives just in time (how convenient) to catch her in his arms. She imparts on some final words before dying. At Aunt Marie's grave, Nick and his girlfriend are paying their respects. The camera then pans out on them, as if someone's watching from afar. It's a someTHING. With alien-like eyes, most of the creature hidden by the trees. What is it?

And is this actually the last of Aunt Marie? Or will she appear in other ways, like in Nick's dreams?

Esther Gim

Contributing Writer

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