'Grimm' Poll: Are Nick and Renard Better Friends or Enemies?
'Grimm' Poll: Are Nick and Renard Better Friends or Enemies?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Now that Nick has found out that not only is Renard the man that was canoodling Juliette, but also a Royal AND a half-Wesen, a whole lot of crap has hit the fan on this season of Grimm. But with Nick and Renard (kind of) on the same side, the question is: do they make better friends or enemies?

Why they're better enemies

From nearly the beginning of this series, we've known exactly who (and what) Renard was, while Nick went around without a clue. In a way, having Renard keep his secret from Nick gave him that much more mystery and it also gave all of their interactions together a touch of intrigue. Every time they did something as simple as just discuss their latest case, we always wondered what Renard was currently up to and when Nick would find out the truth. 

So now that the cat (or Wesen, as the case may be) is out of the bag, we have to wonder if all of that excitement is going to fizzle away. Nick knows pretty much everything there is to know about Renard at this point and with the two of them basically on the same side now, did we just lose a part of their chemistry that made them more fun to watch? 

Why they're better friends

Nick is still getting the hang of being a part the world as a Grimm and while he does have a really good team on his side, there's nothing wrong with adding another ally to the mix. Sure, Nick and Renard's truce is based mostly on the fact that they have mutual enemies, but you can't deny that having someone like a half-Wesen Royal on your side can be a very good thing. 

Even if you don't categorize their relationship at the moment as friendship, it still could be heading in that direction. If that's where they do end up, Nick could have himself one very useful buddy. Renard has the insights and knowledge of the Wesen world that Monroe has, the experience of being a police officer that Hank has, plus the added bonus of being a Royal. 

Not to mention the fact that having them as friends will add a really fun dynamic to the show. 

With valid arguments for both sides of the debate, we're going to let you guys decide. So what do you think, Grimm fans, do Nick and Renard make better friends or better enemies? Cast your vote below!

Grimm airs on Friday nights at 8pm on NBC. 

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