'Grimm' News: 'Lost' and 'Spy Kids' Actors Cast in Fairy-Tale Roles
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Grimm doesn't exactly need a lot of stunt casting to get its creepy fantasy point across. But it's still a lot of fun to see familiar faces in unfamiliar roles. We will be seeing some of those faces in upcoming Grimm episodes featuring Titus Welliver and Daryl Sabara.

Watch Out for That Golden Eagle
Titus Welliver -- an actor well-known to TV fans for his roles on Lost, The Good Wife and most recently CSI -- will appear on an episode of Grimm later this season, according to a report from TVLine. Welliver will play a character named Farley Holt, yet another of the bizarre creatures inhabiting the Grimm world.

Farley Holt will be a steinadler (which literally translates into "Golden Eagle"), a cool and unflappable character. Holt is so cool, in fact, that even the presence of a Grimm will have little effect on the man. Welliver's character will be instrumental in the story of a treasure of gold coins. It seems that whoever takes possession of the coins ends up controlled by them.

Spooky enough for you? If not, keep reading...

"Hansel and Gretel," Without the Fun of Candy
In a second piece of casting news, EW.com reports that Daryl Sabara will guest star in an upcoming "Hansel and Gretel"-based episode. Sabara is best known for playing Juni Cortez, one of the original leads in the Spy Kids films. The episode is titled "Organ Grinder" and will take a Grimm look at the classic fairy tale.

Feel free to pause and reflect on the disgusting possibilities hinted at by that title.

Hansel and Gretel themselves will be replaced by Hanson (Sabara) and Gracie (Hannah Marks from Necessary Roughness), two homeless teenagers trying to survive on the streets of Portland. The two teens will get into serious trouble when they attract the attention of some fairy tale creatures. Apparently, some creatures are engaged in the black-market trading of human organs.

Candy-coated houses and witch ovens aren't so bad, compared to that.

What Grimm creature has been your favorite so far? What fairy tales do you want to see covered in the future? Do you think most of the creatures are evil or good? Leave your comments below!

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