'Grimm' Fall Finale Recap: A Very 'Grimm' Christmas
'Grimm' Fall Finale Recap: A Very 'Grimm' Christmas
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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It's a super-sized night of Grimm with the episodes "Cold Blooded" and "Twelve Days of Krampus," celebrating the upcoming holiday the only way Portland knows how -- with deaths, this time by the hands of a Santa who's going after naughty kids.

Alligators Robbing Houses?

In the first hour of Grimm, there's a burglar on the loose in Portland. But it's not just any home invasion because the robber ends up breaking the victim's neck and tearing his arm off. It seems to be connected to another death, this time taking place underground.

When a sewage worker goes down for routine maintenance, he comes back up dead and with one leg gone. Wu believes it's the work of an alligator, but he has to ask the pertinent follow-up question: How do alligators rob houses?

It turns out to be the work of a Gelumcaedus, the Wesen that hides underground near storm drains and rips limbs off. The Grimm book leads to Nick finding out how to deal with them, and that's by using the vambrace that's in his Grimm collection of goodies that he had no idea what it was for previously.

No Match for Nick

Nick and Hank are usually attached at the hip, but they do part for the night. Well, Hank gets kidnapped. The Gelumcaedus has a brother, and they just want to be reunited, and they'll let Hank go. Even trade.

Except when Nick shows up with the guy, it turns out there are actually three of them. Like the Grimm champ that he is, he takes them down all on his own. The knife/blade that sprung out from the vambrace was a nice and useful touch, and he takes out two of the brothers.

Renard's Work in Austria

Throughout the two hours, we see Renard continuing to evade and then conquer in his own way in Austria. First he lets himself known how he could be trusted, not only with his influence and knowing people that can help destroy his family, but also having a Grimm by his side.

He also breaks into Adalind's hotel and leaves a little something behind -- a note, and a flower. It tells her that she's being watched, so she's to pretend she doesn't know the fact. (Funny how Renard could see right away that there was a camera.) He wants to meet up with her.

Bad Santa

In the second hour, there's a scary Santa running around Portland, collecting all the naughty children and leaving a lump of coal behind. Isn't it kind of nice that there's a Santa who's doing this? Well, not exactly him kidnapping the children -- and later finding out he feasts on them -- but just the fact that someone was keeping tabs on the kids who steal presents?

The second time a kidnapping happens, there's an accidental witness. This leads to the identification of Krampus, one that kidnaps children and then hangs them in the tallest tree -- before feasting on them (gross) during the Winter Solstice of December 21st. Which is tonight. Uh oh.

They get help from Bud (love Bud!) who leads them to the forest. Krampus -- and the children -- are there. Fights ensue, but they don't take out Krampus, who then turns into his human self, with no recollection of what had happened.

It turns out that every year during the Winter Solstice, Krampus goes on a children-killing spree. It's feels Inception-like. He doesn't even know he's a Wesen, but Nick decides to turn him over to the Wesen Council so they can deal with him.

Making New Memories

Meanwhile, Monroe (with the help of Juliet) over-decorates his house with Christmas stuff. He takes it very seriously with about 40 boxes full of decorations. He surprises Rosealee with their own Christmas wonderland -- except she's definitely not in the holiday spirit.

It turns out her aunt and uncle died while heading over to her family's place one Christmas. It's something she had never told Monroe, and it's easy to see why. It's all heartbreaking, not only the story, but Monroe's reaction. Then him spending the entire night taking it all down by himself.

During some girl bonding time, Juliet tells Rosealee that she and Monroe have to make new memories and traditions so that the holidays mean something else, one that they can both share. For Rosealee, it means putting up the decorations again for Monroe as a surprise -- and also leaving out beer and cigar for Santa.

Grimm returns January 3 at 9pm on NBC.

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