'Grimm' Fans Want More of Sasha Roiz's Renard in a Shirtless Rage
'Grimm' Fans Want More of Sasha Roiz's Renard in a Shirtless Rage
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
There's a new Twitter campaign on the horizon and the subject of this crusade is one very hot actor. Seems the fans of NBC's Grimm wan to see more of Captain Renard. A lot more. 


It all started a few weeks ago, when NBC aired Grimm's Season 2 episode called 'The Kiss.' The episode centered around the still comatose Juliette and how only one thing could bring her back to consciousness: a kiss. But not just any kiss mind you; this kiss had to be delivered by one who was pure of heart. Trouble is, those type of men aren't easy to come by so when Renard (played by Sasha Roiz) was recruited for the job, he first had to take a potion that would rid him off all things evil (if only temporarily). What transpired next was a scene of pure beauty as Renard suffered horribly through his transformation, screaming in pain and anger and of course taking off his shirt in the process.  

A movement began

With that one scene, fans were soon shouting from the rooftops (aka Twitter) how much they enjoyed what many had dubbed "shirtless rage." At first, the tweets were mostly jokes; fake stories of things that would make Renard upset enough to produce another instance of the man tearing his shirt off. 

Even Roiz got in on the fun, tweeting on Aug 27:

"Tonight on #Grimm, Renard drinks some sleepytime chamomile and, you guessed it, shirtless rage #spoiler"

But what once began as silly jokes, has now turned into a real movement. AfterElton reports that when writer Spiro Skentzos got word that a very important Renard scene (which also happens to show Roiz shirtless again) had been cut from tomorrow night's episode 'Over My Dead Body', he turned to Twitter to get the fans involved. 

What you can do to forward the cause

While the scene in question isn't likely to end up tomorrow night's episode, you can still help get it posted on the NBC site so that everyone can see more of Renard's magnificent chest, erm I mean see a scene that is vital to the mythology of the series.  

So what can you do? Spread the word! Go to twitter and tell NBC you want to see the deleted Sasha Roiz scene on NBC.com.  

Here's a suggested tweet from AfterElton:

Hey @NBC! I want to see the @NBCGrimm deleted scene with @SashaRoiz on NBC.com! #shirtlessrage @spirographo

They also have a suggestion for how you can post it on Grimm's Facebook page:

Hey NBC! I want to see the Grimm deleted Sasha Roiz scene on NBC.com! #shirtlessrage

So if you want to see more Shirtless Rage from Sasha Roiz in this week's Grimm, get out there and make your wishes known! I don't know about you guys, but I could certainly use a little more Shirtless Renard in my life. 

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