'Grimm' Episode 2.10 Preview 'The Hour of Death': Has Nick Found Another Grimm?
'Grimm' Episode 2.10 Preview 'The Hour of Death': Has Nick Found Another Grimm?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Grimm season 2 continues with what looks to be another tense episode on Friday, November 2 at 9pm on NBC. Called "The Hour of Death," this episode appears to bring another Grimm to Portland. 

Not all Grimms are made alike

In the preview for the episode, we find out that not all Grimm's are as compassionate as Nick. It's something that was hinted at in an episode recently where Hank found reference in one of Nick's books to Grimms taking out a quiet and gentle race of Wesen. The creatures apparently caused no harm, but that didn't stop one of Nick's ancestors from slaughtering them anyway. Hank was understandably shocked at the idea, and Nick looked more than a little embarrassed by his family history. 

A ruthless killer

The video shows us evidence of the other possible Grimm and what he (or she) has done to some of the Wesen. This person is killing and torturing Wesen all over town. It's hard to tell if the torture is only done for the killer's pleasure, or if he is trying to extract information out of the Wesen before killing them. It is also unclear if he is leaving some Wesen alive after torturing them. Either way, this is one evil person. 

Leaving a mark

The other Grimm (if that is indeed what is doing all of these things) appears to be leaving a mark behind to show his presence. Not content to just paint it on walls or windows (though that seems to be happening, too) he is also leaving the mark on victims, in the form of a painful brand. Is the killer marking Wesen so as to keep track of his kills for the future? If so, why? Or is he perhaps marking the Wesen he leaves alive so that even humans will know when they are in the presence of a Wesen? 

A traitor to his kind

The killer apparently has his eyes set on Nick, deciding that Nick has been a traitor to his kind -- I'm assuming because Nick has shown mercy to those Wesen who have proven that they are not a threat to humans. But though all of this seems to point to the killer being another Grimm, I don't know if I'm convinced. It could easily be a person that believes that all Wesen deserve to die, no matter what they have or have not done, and that Nick isn't doing his job. 

What do you think after watching the preview for this episode of Grimm? Do you think that the killer is really another Grimm? Will Nick get hunted down by the killer like another Wesen?

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