'Grimm' Episode 2.8 Preview 'The Other Side': Alliances and Obsessions
'Grimm' Episode 2.8 Preview 'The Other Side': Alliances and Obsessions
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Grimm season 2 continues Friday night October 19 with an episode called "The Other Side." The preview video shows that Adalind is up to no good as usual, and that things may be getting worse for Juliette and Renard.

Though the preview of this week's episode is short, it still opens the door to a lot of questions that need to be answered. 

What is Adalind up to? 

I knew when I saw her back last week that Adalind was going to be brewing up some trouble. It looks like she's attempting to form up an alliance with Renard's brother. I have no doubt that she has absolutely no feelings for him whatsoever, except maybe lust for all the power and revenge he can wield on her behalf. As for whether or not Eric will end up having any feelings for her remains to be seen. She does seem to be trying to seduce him, but it could just be for an alliance of power, not love. If those two do end up combining their efforts, I predict that both Nick and Renard are going to have their hands full. 

Whose dangerous obsession?

In the video, they talk about an attraction turning into an obsession and they seem to be focusing on Renard watching Juliette when they say it. That is a little confusing to me, because if you read the official synopsis of the show (which you can see if you view the episode slideshow below), it says that Renard is the one who has to deal with an "unwanted infatuation." 

The way I see it, this means that one of two things is happening: either both Renard and Juliette are infatuated with each other, or there is someone else out there obsessed with Renard. I'm betting that it's the former. I think that both Renard and Juliette are going to start finding it harder and harder to hide their feelings for each other. This prospect that makes me want to clap my hands together like a little girl in glee. I'm not usually one to get behind a messy love triangle, but this whole thing with Renard and Juliette has me pretty excited. I'm sure that in the end, she will of course stay with Nick, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy this particular ride while it lasts. 

What do you think after watching the preview for this week's Grimm? How much trouble do you think Adalind and Eric can cause? Are you excited by the prospect of Renard and Juliette's feelings for each other?

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