'Grimm' Deleted Scene: Could Renard Really be in Love with Juliette?
'Grimm' Deleted Scene: Could Renard Really be in Love with Juliette?
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Sasha Roiz' sexy scene from last week's Grimm was originally cut from the episode, but now fans can catch it online. Turns out there's a lot more eye-opening moments than just Renard taking off his shirt. 

Shirtless Rage

Last week, we wrote about how fans were clamoring to see more "shirtless rage" from Sasha Roiz' Renard. The term was coined by fans and has come to represent pretty much any scene where Renard goes without a shirt. Once NBC got wind of the campaign they joined in on the fun, encouraging fans to rally for more Shirtless Rage so that they would post a deleted scene from "Over My Dead Body" that featured Renard in all his shirtless glory. NBC, true to their word, posted the deleted scene after the episode aired, but it shows a lot more than just Renard's bare chest. 

Families unite

In the clip, we find Renard in bed with Mia, which is no huge surprise. We may not have seen anything physical between them in the episode, but there was no missing the obvious fact that the two were lovers in the past. However, Mia does reveal that Renard's brother is making moves to consolidate his power. Considering how she was the one who put the hit on Monroe, we have to wonder if her family will join in the fight. She mentions that if the families do unite, it could affect a lot of relationships; her and Renard's being one, I'm sure. 

Sleeping Beauty and her Prince

The truly revealing moment in this scene comes near the end, when Renard kisses Mia but for a second sees Juliette lying in his arms instead. We know that Renard was the one who had to kiss Juliette to awaken from her coma, but were they also somehow connected during that kiss? Or is there nothing supernatural about it all and Renard is simply a (mostly) man falling in love with a woman for the same mysterious reasons that all people fall in love? 

I realize that there's a good chance I will be hated for this opinion but personally I am completely enthralled by the idea of Renard falling in love with Juliette. Not that I necessarily expect him to pursue her, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing him pine for her and also the drama and awkwardness that is bound to happen between him and Nick. This little hiccup could make for some spectacular scenes this season, that's for sure. 

Now that you've seen the deleted scene, what do you think of Renard's fantasy in this Grimm deleted scene? Did the kiss somehow connect him with Juliette or is it simply a crush? 

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