'Fan Favorites' at Comic Con: You Never Know What's Gonna Happen
'Fan Favorites' at Comic Con: You Never Know What's Gonna Happen
What happens when you gather Nathan Fillion from Castle, Joel McHale from Community, David Giuntoli from Grimm, Matt Smith from Dr. Who, Maggie Q from Nikita, Liam McIntyre from Spartacus, Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead, Jasika Nicole from Fringe and Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf at one table? All manner of chaos. The fact that these stars are on the Fan Favorite panel at Comic Con just seems to give them license to compete for the title of Class Clown.

Let Your Geek Flag Fly

This being Comic Con, it seems completely normal to ask the panelists what television shows they geek out for. There seems to be a lot of cross-panel love in the answers:

Joel McHale:  Spartacus
Liam McIntyre:  Dr. Who and Spartacus
Matt Smith:  The Walking Dead
Jasika Nicole:  Downton Abbey
Nathan Fillion:  Game of Thrones
Sarah Wayne Callies:  Game of Thrones
Liam McIntyre:  Futurama
David Giuntoli:  Downton Abbey

While this is a great list, and I completely believe the answers, I find it funny that nobody chose a reality show. Come on, nobody goes nuts for Top Chef?

Crossover Heaven

When asked which shows should have crossover episodes, some interesting mash-ups were proposed:

Community/Grimm (Maybe there's a Blutbad at Greendale?)
Dr. Who/Spartacus (Matt Smith in gladiator gear?)
Spartacus/Hillbilly Handfishing (Could anyone but McHale have come up with this one?)
Spartacus/The Walking Dead (Gladiator versus zombies?)
Castle/Grimm (Alexis is a Spinnetod!)

The panelists clearly have a great time coming up with the most bizarre combinations of shows. They seem to forget there's an audience of 2,000 people listening to everything they say.

You Don't Know Me

The stars are asked to name something the fans don't know about this. The answers get progressively sillier as they try to one-up each other:

David is deaf in one ear.
Matt has wide feet and has a difficult time buying shoes.
Tyler is nervous to be on the panel and has tattoos on his rear that he won't show us.
Sarah has a crush on Nathan (Don't we all?)
Liam has never tasted Coke.
Jasika doesn't eat the Twizzlers that fans send it, but would love some Snickers.
Maggie Q hates men in skinny jeans.

Joel danced with Nathan at a party the previous night, and Fillion's sweat smells like jasmine.
Nathan is afraid of sharks. He's also afraid of bears, which are the sharks of the forest.

Everyone is visibly sad when time is called at the panel. Sarah suggests that they all do a movie together to keep the fun going. When Maggie Q muses about which of the panelists might have the money to get the project, she gently rests her hand on Nathan's shoulder. I have a title suggestion for that movie:  Return of the Class Clowns.

Crystal Waters
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of BBC)