Want a Shot to Write About 'Grey's Anatomy'? Here's Your Chance
Want a Shot to Write About 'Grey's Anatomy'? Here's Your Chance
An all new Grey's Anatomy is on tonight! Even better, it's going to be a crossover event with Private Practice. Guaranteed even more drama to talk about with your friends. 

Well, why not share your thoughts with even more people? 

BuddyTV is giving you an exclusive opportunity to write about Grey's Anatomy! We're currently seeking a devoted Grey's Anatomy fan to write recaps and other creative articles each week. 

To give it a shot, please write a recap of a recent episode. Tonight's would be best. All submissions should be between 500-800 words max. Copy and paste your article directly into the email and send it to feedback@buddytv.com. Please include "Grey's Anatomy Fan Columnist" in the subject line. Attachments will not be opened. 

You also may want to get an idea of what we're looking for. Here are some examples of recaps on our site: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill , Survivor. but remember, we want to hear your voice. For more details keep on reading.

Becoming a Fan Columnist:

Our BuddyTV members know a lot about television. Maybe even more than we do! That is why we would like to extend an open invitation to you to help contribute to the community. Registered users who become loyal Fan Columnists will be rewarded with special recognition and privileges on the site. 

Something to consider before contributing:
  • Though this is a non paid position, what you write will be on a site with millions of readers.
  • We have editors who might edit, change or re-do your content after you submit it.
  • We read everything from everybody but sometimes may not be able to find a place or time to post it. 
  • Please make sure your content is original and never before published, and also give credit and site your sources via name and link directing back to the article. Plagiarism is not tolerated and copyright laws must be followed.
  • Click here for a Style Guide for submissions

How to submit to BuddyTV:
  • Copy and paste your article into an email
  • Email your submission to feedback@buddytv.com
  • The subject line must include: Grey's Anatomy Fan Columnist
  • Please limit your recap to no more than 800 words

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