Not only Dark, 'Grey's Anatomy' Will be 'Heavy' This Season
Not only Dark, 'Grey's Anatomy' Will be 'Heavy' This Season
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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As we get closer and closer to Grey's Anatomy's September 24 season 6 kick-off, it looks darker and darker for the ABC medical drama. Kevin McKidd, who plays trauma surgeon Owen Hunt on the show, previously said that the upcoming season is bound to be very dark, as if cancer and PTSD and creepy death row patient weren't dark enough last season. This time, Jessica Capshaw, who was recently promoted to series regular, said it's going to be dark alright, dark and heavy.

"I think it's a profound feeling to experience that kind of loss and the aftermath. We're dealing with grief," she tells E! Online. "The storylines are heavy."

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Oh boy. According to our poll in a related article, more than 70 percent of our readers aren't looking forward to such heaviness and darkness because they miss the Grey's Anatomy that was fun. Remembering the banter of the then interns during lunch, for instance?

With the death of George (TR Knight), however, I guess it's easy to assume that everything will be gloomy on Seattle Grace for around three or four episodes at least. After all, there is no better way to dampen a mood than someone dying, and someone very lovable and memorable at that. And while personally, I enjoyed reaching for the Kleenex during some choice scenes on Grey's, I rather laugh.

How exactly does George!Death affect Arizona Robbins? Not so much, if you ask Capshaw. Come to think of it, did those two meet at all last season? We all know what Arizona thought of George joining the army - awesome - but in the end Capshaw said that there's a "collective feeling" that TR was - get this - "awesome." Seems like both character and actor are fond of the word that irked Callie (Sarah Ramirez) so much.

Speaking of which, Capshaw also revealed to E! Online that the upcoming season will pick up at that "fever pitch" of the Arizona-Callie relationship last season. "It's turning out to be an understanding and compassionate relationship, as they find things about each other," she said. Arizona will probably do a lot of comforting early in this season, as I think Callie will be pretty much inconsolable with George!Death.

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